Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Serendipity and Agents

I know I promised part two of my Toffee Taboo, Bob Sendell post... but I can't divulge the ultimate recipe until the issue comes out in December. Yes. I have the Stollen recipe. I'm soooo sorry. Ethics are my downfall. And chocolate. But if you want to storm the house ... I've left copies on the front porch. I also can be bribed. Hmmm the cost? Chocolate or Manolo Blahnick shoes.

On to another topic related to our profession. A story:

Last month my son emailed me a Craig's List ad asking for journalists/ videographers who specialized in travel to send them videos for a future "a la You Tube" website. My son emailed me.... "MA... this is what you are doing!"

I thought about it and considered the chances that it was a group of San Fran wanna be's but hey. I didn't have anything to protect. I sent them some VERY rough video of my trip to Naples and then to China. They posted it.

I noted and wondered why most of the posts were professionally produced. Unlike UTube which accepts everything and anything, they were being staid. I thought ... oh well... boring.

Now I find out that this is a Beta MTV site and I'm in on the beginning ... along with the 20 something 'GO TO GIRLS' ... read Playboy meets wetsuit.

Only bad news is they are paying a liscencing fee for the babes and I'm giving mine away for free. Hmmm. Where is my agent?

Check it out at www.travelistic.com and look for Glamgal.

Off on Thursday for two weeks in Australia. More video to come.


Annette said...

Judith, Australia??? I'm sooo jealous. A friend of mine grew up there and just got back not long ago from six months visiting her family back there. The pictures were breathtaking. Can't wait to see the video you bring back. In the meantime, I'll keep watching our worn out copy of Quigley Down Under. G'day, mate.

Anonymous said...

Judith, you are The Coolest. And the next MTV star!

Anonymous said...

My audio hasn't been working for months on my computer, and it hasn't bothered me until today. I love your videos even as pantomime.

Anonymous said...

Go, Judith! This is very exciting!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Good question about the licensing. Let us know what you turn up.

Travel safe!

Cathy said...

Very cutting edge. Happy trails and may the force be with you.

Anonymous said...

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