Friday, December 01, 2006

Wish List

by Rebecca Drake

Dear Santa,

While recognizing that World Peace probably isn’t realistic to expect from one small man and eight long-in-the-tooth reindeer, I thought you might be willing to consider these other items on one writer’s wish list:

Hours of uninterrupted time

A beautiful pen, preferably Mont Blanc, rollerball, black ink

A high-end office chair that also massages and works my abs

Gift certificates to bookstores

A daily calendar with inspiring quotes

A house elf to dust and clean overnight

All of Shakespeare’s plays and the time to read them

Ditto William Stafford’s poetry

Ditto my friends’ books

Moleskine notebooks, large and small

Subliminal Spanish Language CD’s so while sleeping I could finally learn the language I supposedly studied for more than 4 years

My need for sleep miraculously reduced to 3 hours

A Timbuk2 bag

A daily walk on the beach

Scary music CD’s to play while writing creepy scenes

Healthy meals delivered to my office door three times a day without interruption

An answering service that tells everyone, “She still loves you, but she won’t be available until…”

Thank you for your consideration and I promise to be very, very good between now and December 25th.


Anonymous said...

You forgot unending story ideas and deadline extensions on request!

Nancy said...

A new computer. No matter if a writer's computer is 2 days old, there's always a better one on the horizon. Wireless, virus free, voice activated....and loaded with an encouraging voice that ocassionally cries, "You're the best! I can't wait to see what happens next!"

Tory said...

I ditto the healthy meal delivery! When I was eating macrobiotic, I paid someone to cook three dinners a week. SO wonderful.

Joyce said...

Me too, Santa! Me too!

Rebecca Drake said...

Oh, yes, I definitely need those on the list, Annette and Nancy!

I have a six-month-old iBook G4, but I'm sure there is something new out there. Mac's don't chirp "You're the best," but they do have this hilarious ring when you hit the save button that sounds like you've accomplished something major.

Wow, the luxury of paying someone to make dinner...sounds like heaven, Tory

Kristine said...

My wish list to Santa would also include a weekly massage. Someone to rub my back and neck after a long day would be divine!

Sign me up for the computer that gives encouraging messages, too.