Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life and Death

by Judith Evans Thomas

I am going to make my blog short and sweet because I realized this weekend that our lives are just that. Here today.....

Our group has had a rash of difficult times, loved ones dying and stress. Somehow, we seem to keep going. Well, I am here to tell you that this weekend I was scared about my ability to do just that. My preggers daugher caught a cold which turned into a throat infection and we suspected strep. All of us (read guys) were in NYC for the Big East Tournament ( Pitt lost) so there was no local doc. I turned to my buddy and doctor who had moved from PGH to NYC only last year.

Howard called in a favor and got Lauren seen asap. Great. Steve and I were there, he did blood and swabs and then asked to see us. She's 30. This was strange.

"I hear a heart murmur." he said. SHITTTTT. Fast track. She has what I have a mitral valve prolapse which often presents with pregnancy. Whew. Lots of wine and deep breathing.

Next day, Steve and I are packing up to go home. I come by the bathroom to hear this little voice calling...."Judith". Those of you who have met Steve know there is nothing petite about him. I find him in the shower covered with shards of glass. His foot is pulsing blood from an artery....he can't step anywhere because of the glass.

Fast forward again. I get him out. He's not dying. I need a drink. No. I need lots of drinks or sedatives or melatonin. Life changes in an instant.

Enjoy the night.


Tory said...

What a great thought, Judith! These times remind you what is really important and what you'll totally have forgotten about a month from now.

kathie said...

Wow, things do change fast. Hope all is right with the family.