Thursday, May 31, 2007


Kathie Shoop

My first Pennwriters Conference was fantastic. Not only did I meet new people, I was thrilled to meet up with many who I only talk to through email, blogs, and list-serves. The conference itself was well-run and well-stocked with professionals who were generous and savvy.

Having the opportunity to pitch to agents and participate in the read and critique session provided me with face time I would never have otherwise.

The elusive Daniel Lazar even requested my manuscript based on the Friday night critique session. Alas, he declined to represent me--he just wasn't in love--but I feel more confident than ever that I'll snag another agent soon.

So, the weekend was full of great experiences and I can't imagine skipping it next year. I've done the isolated work--the writing no one can do for me or even with me. And now, spending time with other writers who are encouraging, having the chance to see others make their dreams come true, I feel like I'm almost there and that I'm not alone in the process.

Cost of Conference: $240
Cost of Hotel: $160
Cost of Read and Crit: Your Ego

Hanging out with friends
who love to talk writing
24/7: Priceless

Thanks to everyone at SINC for being so sweet and including me at every turn! It meant everything.


Tory said...

Congrats on having Daniel Lazar request your manuscript. Even if he didn't end up representing you, that's still a big accomplishment. I haven't heard of anyone else at the conference who got that far.

It certainly shows that you're almost there!

Joyce said...

Kathie, that was a huge accomplishment getting Dan Lazar to request your manuscript. I heard he was very particular.

Isn't the agent search something like sticking yourself with a hot poker?

Annette said...

Yay, Kathie! From what I heard, Daniel Lazar was a little like Mikey, the Life cereal kid. He hated EVERYTHING. So consider it a major accomplishment that he showed that much interest.

Besides, having talked to him briefly a couple of times, I don't know that I would want him as my agent. So the fact that he ultimately passed on your project may be a blessing.

Joyce, may I add that the agent search is like sticking yourself with a hot poker--while beating yourself in the head with a hammer.

Lee Lofland said...

That's great news, Kathie. You're one of us, those poor souls who've been rejected by the best! :)

I'm fortunate. I have an agent who also represents a highly successful NY Times bestselling author. I guess you could consider her as an A list agent.

I can assure you that our contract didn't just magically appear. It took a bit of hard work and persistence on my part.

I also have a few hot poker scars.

Again, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kathie! Getting that far is a big thing. It's the first step, as you say.

I've got the hot poker scars, too. Ouch.

kathie said...

Thanks everyone, for the kind encouragement! It seems as though there are enough poker sticks to go around the world several times. I have to admit, I feel much more confident turning around to restart the process after being turned down by Lazar. Either that's true to my bones or I'm just getting scarred from the hot pokes. Again, thanks to you all for being so inclusive at the conference.

Anonymous said...

Dan Lazar may be particular, but he's one of the greatest agents you can ever hope to have.

He rejected the first novel I sent within days. I regrouped, revised, and he's representing me on my second.

Three cheers for Dan. They don't come like him...