Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Confessions of an Addict

by Annette Dashofy

My name is Annette and I’m here to confess: I am an addict. It has been four days since my last fix.

My drug of choice?

Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha.

I used to only drink tea. Usually GREEN tea. Healthy, full of antioxidants. If I got something from Starbucks, it would be Chai. Still tea, but with a kick.

Then one day, while traveling with my friend and fellow Working Stiff, Lisa Curry, I noticed that every time we stopped along the highway at Starbucks, she ordered something called a White Chocolate Mocha. Of course, I love chocolate. So, out of curiosity, one day I tried one.

Oh. My. God.

Here’s the thing…I’ve had them from other coffee shops and they aren’t the same. I swear, Starbucks MUST put something addictive in theirs. I crave Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha (hold the whip cream, please). As I sip that rich, sweet brew, I feel contentment. I feel peace.

I feel BROKE! Have you seen the price of those things???

But I digress.

If I order a White Chocolate Mocha from some other coffee house, I don’t get the same sensations. (Except for the broke part).

As I plan my itinerary of stops while shopping and running errands, I find myself mapping a route slightly out of my way, just so I can stop at Starbucks. When someone asks me to go somewhere, I ask myself “is there a Starbucks near there?” Every month, I load up my Starbucks card with my “Mocha Allowance.” Lately, I find I’m cheating, adding more to it, because the balance remaining has run out and I’m still craving my fix.

So what exactly do they put in that stuff? I really don’t like coffee. It’s the junk they put IN the coffee that calls to me. If it was just a black cup of joe, I could pass on it without a blink of the eye. I figure there’s a secret ingredient in there that’s making me steal from my household budget to keep me in caffeine.

And it’s getting worse. I used to feel sated with just a tall White Chocolate Mocha. Tall is Starbucks talk for small. NOW, I need at least a grande (medium) and more often than not, I go for the VENTI (monster-sized large).

Help! Is there a Starbucks Anonymous out there? The problem is I don’t think I could stay on the wagon. I admit it. I’m nothing but a mocha junky.


Tory said...

I guess it's time to admit you are powerless in the face of white chocolate mocha and turn it over to your higher power.

I'm here to tell you that you can get to the other side of this, Annette. I used to order (regular chocolate) mocha every time I passed a coffee shop. Both my pocketbook and sinuses (milk gives me congestion) have much improved since I've been able to give up the habit.

Now there's just my milk chocolate habit to deal with . . .

Annette said...

Ah, well, I didn't mention my OTHER addiction: Lindor Truffles. I have a little more control over that one. But I really feel powerless against the lure of Starbucks.

Joyce said...

I'm only addicted to plain old coffee. I have no desire to quit, either. I got a Cuisinart Grind and Brew with a thermal carafe for Christmas last year and it makes THE best coffee. It even has a timer so I have fresh brewed coffee as soon as I get out of bed in the morning.

mike said...

My tastes are simpler but my problem is no less severe, Annette. I can't resist a latte. Every mug of plain coffee (no measly cups for me) needs a half teaspoon of sugar (none of that questionable sweetener stuff), but with latte, just me and the coffee and froth. Heavenly.

Cathy said...

No expensive addictions for me, just give me a tall glass of Pepsi and I'm happy. I had myself weaned off all caffeine for several years, but it's crept back. Your addiction sounds much more elegant, but I can get a fix almost anywhere.

Annette said...

Cathy, you've hit upon a former addiction of mine. Then a few years back I cut out all caffeine, including Pepsi and promptly got hooked on Ginger Ale. I've given that up, too, but now caffeine has me in its ugly grip once again.

Mike, I can't stomach the fake sugar, either. I'm afraid about what they're going to determine the long-term consequences of eating that stuff will be.

And, Joyce, I'm jealous. I'm planning on buying myself a Mr. Coffee (trying to keep a handle on this thing by only getting a 2-cup version). If I doctor it up with Coffee Mate French Vanilla, regular coffee can tide me over until my next trip out to Starbucks.

nancy said...

Hi, my name is Nancy and I'm a chocoholic.

One of the fun things about my recent trip to Europe was trying all the new chocolate bars that were available! Now I'm craving hazelnut, too. I understand your addiction entirely, Annette!

kristine said...


I love the Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. When I had to give up caffeine when I got pregnant, they had to go (I don't trust the decaf versions--I still think there's caffeine in them). You can bet that once this baby comes out, though, I'll be making a stop at Starbucks for one.

I'm not a fan of white chocolate drinks, but I have to say the drink sounds heavenly.

Annette said...

Welcome to chocoholics anonymous, Nancy. And welcome back from Europe! How much chocolate did you smuggle back in your suitcases???

Kristine, I don't trust de-caf either. Not just that there's caffeine in there (I'm sure there is), but I don't trust the people serving the stuff to not slip high test into your cup if the de-caf pot happens to be empty.

Gina said...

Annette - If white chocolate mocha is your worst addiction, you have got it made. Think of all those poor smokers huddling around their little burning tips in the snow. Caffeine and chocolate together though -- that's a hard combination to resist. Once upon a time, I quit using all refined sugar for about five years, which meant I had to make do with gnawing the edges of Baker's Unsweetened chocolate squares. About the same time, I also gave up coffee for a few years. I didn't feel any healthier, only sleepier! Now I happily indulge in both.

My biggest addiction, though, was Jujyfruits. I had a 3 pack a day habit in high school. Partly because they were cheap and readily available in the cafeteria vending machine, but mainly because of this: if you hold a Jujyfruit in your warm hand until it softens, you can pull and stretch it until it forms an absolutely flat disk, about 2" in diameter. Stick it to the roof of your mouth, and you can enjoy it surreptitiously in class, and still be able to speak clearly enough to answer if Sister calls on you!

Tammy said...

I understand addiction, just not the coffee part. Love the smell, hate the taste. My addiction is Diet Coke. The problem with this is not the pocketbook troubles, but the availability! I have a dorm frig right by my desk that will hold A LOT of cans. Plus, every corner mom and pop shop has plenty! I can always scrape up change from the floorboard of the car, the ash tray since I don't smoke, even change from the bottom of the washer.......