Thursday, November 01, 2007

When All Else Fails

by Joyce Tremel

I've been waiting for inspiration for this blog post all week. You'd think with all the Halloween activities and that gorgeous, bright moon glowing in the sky, at least a few loonies would give me something to write about.

No such luck.

We've had the usual calls asking when Halloween is, the usual Devil's Night pranks like houses being egged and trees teepeed and a gorilla waving at traffic on Mt. Royal Boulevard. Nothing out of the ordinary.

You see my dilemma, don't you? No crime = no blog. But don't worry. All is not lost. Today will be question and answer day. Got a question about da cops? Ask it here. Hopefully I'll be able to answer it. (I'm not sure if Lee will be stopping by because he's at Forensics U), which is where I'd like to be but some of us (whine) don't have that kind of money to spend (whine).

Besides, I have to work today, so don't make the questions too hard!


Lee Lofland said...

I'm leaving for the Forensic University in the morning - very early in the morning. I'll check in with you guys from time to time.

Gina said...

OK, Joyce, I do have a question. Have most police departments shifted over to using those plastic handcuffs? How do they compare to the metal ones? I keep remembering those old movies with two escaped criminals handcuffed together looking for heavy tools to break out of the handcuffs. Would they be looking for a box-cutter nowadays? Is it still possible to cuff two people together? Would police do that?

Tory said...

The police actually got a call about a "gorilla" waving at traffic? Jeez! Did the caller think it was a real gorilla?

Joyce said...

Oh, good, Lee. You can straigten me out when I give a wrong answer!

Joyce said...

Gina, I don't know of any departments--in the North Hills, anyway--that use plastic handcuffs. I can't imagine them being as secure as the metal ones.

Our dept. never handcuffs two people together. It's always one person, and they're ALWAYS cuffed behind their back. We don't even transport more than one arrestee in a police car. If there's more than one person being arrested, they're put in the back of different cars.

Joyce said...

Tory, it wasn't a real gorilla. It was a teen in a gorilla mask. The caller was worried because he might get hit by a car. The officer told dispatch he was GOA--he ran into the woods with a banana.

Martha Reed said...

I don't know about a gorilla, but didn't a hunter take a picture of Bigfoot in the Allegheny National forest yesterday? Any calls about that one?

Annette said...

I had a very large green-faced demon with long black hair wave at me as he crossed in front of my car at a traffic light on the North Side last night.

I waved back.

Joyce said...

Every time I hear about Bigfoot, I think of the skit on Saturday Night Live where John Belushi is sitting in a cabin and someone asks him about Big Foot. Belushi tells him there's no Big Foot around those parts. Then he puts his feet up on the table--and he has these huge feet.

Annette, it's always good to wave to the demons. You just never know.

Lee Lofland said...

No department uses plastic (Flex-cuffs) as their regular cuffs. They're just used in special circumstances, like for prisoner transports to another location when the officer turns his prisoner over to an officer from a different agency. They're also used when arresting mutiple suspects (who comply with the arrest). Flex-cuffs are almost impossible to apply during a scuffle.

More later. I'm getting ready to board another plane.

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