Friday, February 22, 2008

Delay Delay Delay

Kathie Shoop

In honor of all the school and work delays I am submitting my blog entry late, delayed, and really very poor. I normally think all month about the topic I'll blog on, but this month was a confluence of adjusting to a new part-time job, writing from home, having my kids schedules blown to bits, and my usual back-up being out of the state, country or commission depending on who I'm talking about.

So, though I kept reminding myself about the blog--I even attended the meeting at Mystery Lovers--I couldn't come up with anything that meant something to me, that would be interesting to you in the least. The only thing I've come up with is that for a person like me who views herself as basically unstructured, faced with complete lack of it, I'm no good.

I had no chance to settle in with thoughts of the day or mull over something interesting I saw or heard or watched or did. It was pure survival mode, get the next thing done, and I see how hard it is to be creative unless you carve out the time to just be.

So, whether it was the lack of schedule or simply the over stuffing of it, I've had a weird, uncreative month. How about you? How do you deal with the straining of your schedule?


Anonymous said...

I had a no blog blog day a few months ago myself. Hope things open up for you and you have more quality time to get it all done. (I always use "the dog ate my blog"--really works well.)

Anonymous said...

Or the rabbit peed on my keyboard . . .

Joyce Tremel said...

Dang. I thought I'd get to keep my blog up for two days!

I know what you mean about the busy-ness. It plays hell with trying to do anything creative. I've been struggling with that myself. Other than writing blog posts and emails, I haven't written a word.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I prioritize the writing. The kids are eating Kids Cuisine, the husband is making his own sandwiches, the business is going down in flames... but I'm meeting my deadlines!

Seriously - as if I wasn't serious before - I get extremely crabby if I can't do anything creative for a while, and I become impossible to live with. So everyone is happy with their sandwiches and TV dinners because they get those instead of a wife and mother who snaps at them at every opportunity. And let's face it, kids have no appreciation for a home-cooked meal anyway, right?