Monday, February 11, 2008

Imbued with Human Warmth

by Brenda Roger

Prized for its delicacy and imbued with human warmth, Washi paper is a much-admired expression of craftsmanship. When conceptualizing _________, __________ designers drew inspiration from Washi’s visual texture as well as the traditional humanistic values associated with papermaking, employing them to create a stylish, modern standard of design. …the tradition of Washi embraces apparent contradictions by seeking balance in the finished work. Thus, the artist’s hand is still felt in the warm, organic sensation evoked by the elegant construction, while its sleek, metallic sheen echoes the influence of clean, modern style. A beautiful, unified whole is expressed by bridging the old and the new.

I read this bit of “literature” recently and nearly fell off my chair. Regular Working Stiffs readers will figure that since I’m the art tart of the group that this passage probably came from the catalog of an exhibition. You are expecting me to tell you now about a Japanese print show, or a sculpture exhibition. Indeed, this is precisely the type of language found between the pages of an exhibition catalog, but alas, this passage is from a brochure.

Yes! A brochure! Well, then, it must be for a gallery selling prints and sculpture. Guess again. What do you think goes in the blanks?

I will tell you that the brochure is promoting a very common item. We all have one. Some of us have more that one. Some of us have had many over the course of our lifetime.

Who writes this stuff? An art historian is not likely to write a brochure for a consumer product, although, art history might be the worst paying career on the planet, and I couldn’t blame them for taking the paycheck.

I’ve decided to call the author of the brochure “Jake.” I can’t decide if Jake finishes a page and thinks, “I am the next literary genius of Western civilization,” or if he rolls with laughter on the floor of his cubicle slapping the floor, yelling “yuppie suckers!”

So, what goes in the blanks, and is Jake a genius, or a jerk? I will fill in the blanks before the end of the day, but please do some guessing!


Gina said...

OK, Brenda, I'll go with the obvious:
Toilet Paper
Kimberly Clark
[no connection intended to the Allegheny County judge of the same name, who I know to be a fine upstanding person]

brenda said...

no, not toilet paper, but that's a good guess!

Nancy said... first thought was greeting cards and stationery, but maybe I'm thinking too high brow?

martha reed said...

I'm going with some type of car?

Joyce said...

Wrapping paper?

Annette said...

Oh, well. My first choice was toilet paper, too. And since Martha already picked a car, I'm going to say a television set. Just don't ask me why, because I haven't a clue.

brenda said...

Just reconsidered the idea of toilet paper being "imbued with human warmth" and am now very sick to stomach. thanks alot friends!

JennieB said...

I'm gonna go with Jake being a jerk, because the other way would be really, really sad.


NL Gassert said...

Oh, I love washi paper; no doubt, it IS beautiful, delicate and an expression of craftsmanship.

I was thinking car, too. Or possibly a coffee maker (though a tea kettle would be more appropriate).

Brenda said...

Ok, friends! Very good guesses. The passage is from the brochure of an Infiniti G35 Sedan! Washi paper!! Who are they kidding with this crap!

It was fun to talk about though, so thanks for chatting with me today.