Friday, March 28, 2008

Seeking Wisdom, Finding Nothing

Kathie Shoop

I'm not a politician nor am I a religious theologian. But I am interested in both and I'm equally disgusted by both. I might be easily confused compared to the rest of the world, but I don't see how trying to keep up on the issues means that you actually derive any sort of wisdom that might inform my life decisions.

Who do you believe? There isn't a person in the world, scholar, religious leader, or hack who can withstand the scrutiny of newscasters/critics/Joe Blow. What are we doing here, making every single person who has an opinion on one thing or another out to be a complete moron? It's possible, I'm convinced, to take the most intelligent person on the planet look like he/she's just graduating from kindergarten. Likewise, no one is without bias, we need to understand the perspectives of people who are experts and have influence on the world stage and make decisions accordingly.

Now, the fact that the political arena is a mess and in my opinion, much of religion is just steps behind in its messiness is no excuse for me to throw my hands up and stop trying to figure things out, to opt out of the pursuit to understand. But, I have to admit, there's a part of me that doesn't want to care about anything outside of my own circle of life. Wouldn't things be easier to just tune out all the news, watch a little Nick with the kids, write my novels, and just wait for things to happen?

Perhaps the rest of the world isn't so confused...happy election year, everyone!


Joyce said...

I hate watching the news. I rarely watch any of it anymore, especially the local news because it's so unreliable. No one just reports the news anymore. It's all about the ratings and everything is sensationalized.

I usually read several different news sources (to get a true picture) when I want info. I've learned to never rely on just one source--they're all biased in one way or another.

Gina said...

I agree, Kathie - I am so sick of seeing, hearing, and hearing about the three presidential candidates that I don't think I can stand having to look at any one of them for another four years. I'm sick of the pundits telling me how I'm supposed to vote based upon my age, race and gender. I'm sick of hearing about the candidates' pastors, aides, and misrememberances ad nauseum instead of the issues and proposed solutions. And don't get me started on religion, where it seems as if you're supposed to treat core beliefs as equivalent to support for a local sports team -- our quarterback is better than yours, we deserve to win because I happen to live here, etc. So how do we step out of this muck and try to find reality? Your guess is as good as mine. I keep trying every which way I can think of, but I haven't found the magic pathway yet. The closest I can come is trying to be open in my art and life, and seeking truth through sensation and experience and dreams.

kathie said...

Joyce, thanks so much for posting my blog today! You're right, relying on one source is not a good plan for news, and you're also right, that "news" is rarely reported these days--much of it is entertainment. YOu def. have an insiders view of the way news is distorted once it passes through the doors of the police station. A lesson for us all.

Gina, your plan of action--sort through these troubling issues with your art, writing, etc. is a good one. Perhaps it's the best any of us can do when it's so hard to discern truth and trustworthiness. I find these questions do come through much of my writing. I guess I'm lucky to have that outlet, that I can invent characters either more confused than me or one who solve their problems much better than I do! Thanks for commenting.