Monday, June 09, 2008


by Gina Sestak

For the past several months, Annette has been posting every week about the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Citizen Police Academy (CPA) which both of us have been attending. [I am not the fellow student who volunteered Annette to shake hands with the Bomb Squad's robot. Honest!] At long last, the time has come for us to graduate. Tonight there will be a ceremony, then this year's first session of the CPA will be over. All except the ride along.

The what? you may ask. Everyone who's seen that episode of Raymond knows dangerous things can happen on a ride along. Don't worry, though. We signed releases. Your tax dollars will be safe.

I'm going to miss the weekly classes. Where else can you handle an assault weapon, search for hidden explosives, watch a K-9 in action, or visit a crime lab without having to pass a test or take a job? The police personnel themselves were also an eye opener. I mean, some of these guys, if you saw them coming toward you, you would tuck your purse securely under your arm and cross to the far side of the street! Maybe it's just the dreadlocks and the neck tattoos. But all -- every single one of them -- was an expert in his or her field, able to speak knowledgeably about national statistics and cutting edge science as well as their own local areas of expertise. Pittsburgh police are real professionals.

So here's your chance -- you can help catch dangerous criminals and graffiti artists:

Or, you can take the fall CPA class. Come on. I dare you.


Annette said...

Gina, I'm glad to hear you had the same reaction to the one detective as I did! But he obviously loves his job and I suspect is very good at it.

And I will confirm that it was NOT Gina who volunteered me for the robot handshake.

Tory said...

I'd LOVE to see the neck tatoos!

Gina said...

Annette -
It wasn't just one detective who looked like a scary criminal -- in fact, I had three clearly in mind when I wrote that, and several others were iff-y.

Joyce said...

I'm glad you had fun, Gina. Don't cry at graduation, guys.

martha reed said...

Gina, watch out what you wish (or dare) for you might just get it - you two made this class sound so interesting the Fall class is very, very tempting!

Wilfred Bereswill said...

I'm checking on similar programs in St. Louis. It would be fun.

Tomorrow our SinC chapter is going to the shooting range. Should be a blast.