Friday, July 04, 2008

Good food, good friends, good times...

By Jennie Bentley

Happy 4th of July, y’all!

As most of you know, I spent a couple weeks in Norway at the beginning of the summer. Taking my kids to visit my dad, seeing family and friends, eating yummy local delicacies like salty licorice and vafler.

We cruised the fjord in a boat, visited one of the little islands that are part of the city of Oslo, splashed in the sea, checked out the Folk Museum and the Gustav Vigeland sculpture park and the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Akershus Festning/Fortress – and on, and on, and on!

Pictures here.

And that’s all the writing I’m going to do today, because it’s the 4th of July, and I’m not expecting a whole lot of company here on the Working Stiffs this morning. Enjoy the holiday and the pictures, y’all, and I’ll see you next time!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th.
Sounds like a great trip. I was in Denmark around this time of year a few years ago -- summer is always a good time to go to northern Europe. I didn't run across any salty licorice, though. I'll have to look for it if I go back.

Anonymous said...

Yay, someone else is sitting in front of the computer today!

Yeah, summer's the time to go to Scandinavia. Unless you grew up there, then the dark season has a beauty all its own.

Denmark's a nice place; I hope you had a good time.