Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Beginnings

by Jennie Bentley

Since no one else seems compelled to write anything today, I'll step up.

Please join me over on the Good Girls Kill For Money Club to read my (if I do say so myself) quite brilliant post about the above - that's right, beginnings - and try to win an advanced reader copy of my masterpiece, Fatal Fixer-Upper, scheduled for release on November 4th.

C'mon; you know you want one!


Joyce Tremel said...

Thanks for posting something, Jennie. I checked it out and I'm sad to say I only knew one!

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to be willing to play, Joyce. Or maybe I picked lines that were too difficult. I didn't think I did, for the most part, but maybe...

Wilfred the Author has posted his answers, though, and between you and me, he's got'em all. I have no idea how he did it, because the first time he posted, he said he had only read one of the books, too. Google?