Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Officer in Need

by Joyce Tremel

I've blogged a lot about police officers and law enforcement in general. Yesterday, in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review I read an article about a police officer in dire need of assistance and thought I'd pass it on.

Forty one year old PA State Police Sgt. Tom O'Connor has an aggressive form of cancer that has already claimed his eyesight and spread throughout his body. He is taking experimental chemotherapy at the moment and would like to return to the Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind when he's able. The blindness has been the most difficult and not being able to see the faces of his wife and children is devastating to him.

He has used up all his sick leave and is looking into a disability pension. His wife can only work part time as she is taking care of Tom and their young children and they could use some financial assistance. Thankfully there are many people who have taken interest in O'Connor's plight and some have organized fundraisers to help the family.

For more information and to see what you can do for Sgt. O'Connor see the article in the Trib. There is information in the sidebar on how you can help.

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