Monday, November 10, 2008


by Gina Sestak

Once upon a time, I participated in weekly meetings of a meditation group. One type of meditation we practiced involved crystals. If this is starting to sound kind of new-agey to you, just wait until I get to the part about the vibes!

Crystals are amazing structures. They are not alive -- at least, not in the way most of us envision life -- and yet they grow. Unlike many other substances, crystals have a clear vibrational tone, making them an ideal tool for fine-tuning your awareness.

The meditation group would sit quietly and focus -- without words or intellect -- upon the feeling of a crystal or array of crystals. We didn't limit ourselves to clear quartz crystals, but experimented with various types, including various gemstones. The most intense experience, we found, occurred with lithium crystals. [Shades of Star Trek!]

I was reminded of these meditations by this month's edition of National Geographic, which features an article on caves of giant crystals in Mexico. These crystals are humungous, large enough to make human beings crawling over them appear to be the size of ants.

I wonder what the vibes are like in that cave.

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Cathy said...

Oh dear, Gina, I've been on a crystal buying binge on Ebay, so you shouldn't encourage me. I'm excited that you've been working with crystals in your meditations. They definitely do have a "buzz," and not the type associated with alcohol. You can buy books on the healing aspects of crystals.

After all, crystals amplify energy, which is harnessed in all types of technology using quartz chips, etc. (in watches, refrigerators, and other stuff--so I'm a very low tech person).

I enjoyed this, Gina. Great post!