Monday, November 24, 2008


by Gina Sestak

In traditional farming communities, this time of year was set aside to celebrate the harvest and give thanks for the earth's bounty. Or maybe for the winter winds that froze the ground and gave folks a brief respite from the back-breaking labor of agriculture.

For those of us who live in cities and work year-round, it's sometimes harder to find a reason to be thankful. Nevertheless, I have compiled a list of things I'm thankful for this year.

1. I am thankful that the presidential election is over. May I never see another attack ad or receive another robo-call from Ed Rendell.

2. I am thankful that I still have a job, at least as far as I know. [Once down-sized, twice shy.]

3. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and food in the cupboards.

4. I am thankful that my health is okay, knock on wood.

5. I am thankful that my two old cats are still hanging in there with minimal veterinary intervention. [But if Taffy hacks up hairballs on my shoes one more time . . .]

6. I am thankful that global warming hasn't totally screwed up the climate yet.

7. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to write, even if the getting published part of that equation leaves a lot to be desired.

8. I am thankful for the communities of writers and dreamers in which I participate.

9. I am thankful for modern technology, through which so much is possible.

10. I am thankful for books and movies that manage to express great truth within the ancient art of telling stories.

And finally, remember, every day is a gift -- that's why we call it "the present."

What are you thankful for this year?


Annette said...

Nice list, Gina.

My top five on my gratitude hit parade (in no particular order) are: my hubby, my home (paid for, no mortgage!), my kitty who likes to snuggle when it's cold, my new furnace, and my mom who is doing sooo well at age 88.

Anonymous said...

Having gone full-time this July for the first in over ten years, I am thankful for paid sick days, personal days, and vacation days. I took a sick day a week and a half ago, and talk about peace of mind! It was awesome not to have to drag myself into work.

P.S. My word verfication is "legum" which means, I'm sure, that I should be grateful for my daily share of beans and lentils.

Joyce Tremel said...

I'm thankful for so much it's hard to come up with a list! Hubby, 2 perfect sons (well, I think they're perfect anyway!), good friends, my home, Layla (the cat), my sisters, and being able to write full time.

Dana King said...

My high school daughter and her attitude and prospects; my parents' relatively good health, considering their ages; my brother's family and their good health; and the Spousal equivalent, who was worth waiting 48 years for.

(Honorable mention to this year's Steelers defense. Best since the Steel Curtain.)