Thursday, November 06, 2008

What Are You Reading?

by Joyce

Since I'm not prolific enough to come up with two posts in the same week and still come anywhere near my goal of writing 1000 words per day (most days I don't reach it anyway, but that's another story), I'm posing a question today.

What are you reading?

I just finished our very own Jennie Bentley's Fatal Fixer-Upper and I really enjoyed it. Avery is a great character--inquisitive, chatty, and smart. And Derek was the handyman every girl dreams about--yummy.

Before that, I read Big City, Bad Blood by Sean Chercover (talk about two books on the opposite ends of the spectrum!). It was a good read, especially if you like gritty PI novels. Although I do have to say the protagonist gets beat up an awful lot. If he gets hit in the head anymore, he's going to end up with permanent brain damage.

So, read any good books (or bad books) lately?


Wilfred Bereswill said...

Well, Joyce, I just about gave up reading while I'm writing. I did finally read The Killing Floor, Lee Child's first Jack Reacher book. The very small town police department seemed a bit well trained, but I like Child's voice.

Also read a "classic" in Josephine Tey's "Brat Farar." Interesting that this 1940's novel may never have been published since it breaks most of the rules of today's mystery genre.

I'll stick my neck out here, I hope Joyce doesn't mind. On my personal blog I posted a short story I wrote (kind of a memoir) about a particular bizzare day in a trip to China several years ago.

The instructor compared it to "A Million Little Pieces" saying it was too unbelievable. SO, it's complete with pictures to prove it wasn't fiction. If you'll have time, check it out.

Joyce Tremel said...

Will, did you have to post the photo of the scorpions???

Jenna said...

That's an awesome story, Will. You should try to get it sold to a travel magazine of some sort.

Thanks for trying my book, Joyce!

Like Will, I've pretty much given up reading and writing at the same time. I need to get going on DIY#3, so reading is on the back burner for the next couple of months. Although I've been looking at some old Lillian Stewart-Carl. It's easier not to get influenced if I've read them before, so when I need a break, that's usually what I do. Read something old and comforting...

Wilfred Bereswill said...

Joyce, someone once told me that all fried foods taste about the same. Fried scorpians tastes like potato chips. I had some fried cicadas on that same trip that were nice and spicy, but a little dry on the way down, not sure if that was the wings, or the barbs on the legs that caused them to stick in my throat.

Oh, and I tend to remove the stingers on the scorpians before I eat them.

Dana King said...

If you liked Big City, Bad Blood, you'll love Trigger City. I just reviewed it for New Mystery Reader and loved it. Chercover is becoming the next big thing in the PI realm.

I'm currently reading Declan Burke's Eightball Boogie. I just finished John McFetridge's Everybody Knows This is Nowhere. I've been on a roll lately.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with my 9-year-old, but that's all I'm gonna say about that, because I think it might be the topic of my next blog post.

Speaking of which, Joyce, am I blogging tomorrow or next Friday? I'm at work, don't have the schedule, and can't remember!

Jake Nantz said...

Actually I've been reading horribly written student essays for so long my eyes are crossing. I've worked my way through Child's THE KILLING FLOOR, J.D. Rhoades's SAFE AND SOUND, Michelle Gagnon's BONE YARD, and I'm currently getting into Eisler's KILLING RAIN. Following that will be Alex Sokoloff's THE HARROWING (tried THE PRICE, but kept getting nightmares because I have a phobia about hospitals...sorry Alex!).

My reading has really slowed down since school started, though. As have my revisions. UGH!!

Jenna said...

I've got tomorrow, Lisa, so you must be next week. It's the first Friday of the month, so it's mine. All mine. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

(Sorry, I didn't know how else to contact you.)

Joyce Tremel said...

Thanks, Jennie!