Thursday, January 15, 2009

January's Not So Bad...

by Joyce

As I sit and write this, it's snowing like crazy outside. It's damn cold. The high in Pittsburgh on Friday is supposed to about eight degrees.

But I'm going to look on the bright side and try and come up with some reasons why January isn't so bad. (Notice I said try to come with reasons.)

January is the first full month of winter. If it wasn't for cold winters, we wouldn't appreciate the summer so much. Think about January next July when you're sweating and complaining about the heat. And don't even tell me you'll be happy when it's 90 degrees. You know you'll be whining like everyone else.

You can wear all those beautiful sweaters you bought for 75% off after Christmas.

Ditto for the slipper socks.

The heavy coats hide the evidence of all the Christmas cookies you ate.

You can play "See How High Your Spouse Can Jump" when you touch him/her with your frozen toes. You get extra points if they jump all the way out of bed. Add more points if it's accompanied by a screech.

January White Sales. You can buy that tropical looking bedspread you've had your eye on. Add mosquito netting and some Caribbean music and you can pretend you're in Jamaica.

Snow shoveling is good exercise. So they say.

You burn more calories when you shiver.

Spring begins in March, which comes after February, which comes after January.

And last but not least, you can't go anywhere so you get more writing done. After you check all your favorite blogs and play solitaire until you finally win a game, that is.

Okay, everyone. Give us some more reasons to appreciate this frigid, gloomy month!


Anonymous said...

January: the month in which nobody thinks you're weird if you prefer to stay home cuddled up in an afghan, watching tv. The month in which it's okay to sleep a lot (remember, I am really into dreams). The month in which even the cats don't want to go outside. The month in which you give up walking for exercise and burn calories shoveling snow instead. The month of winter beauty, watching sunlight sparkle on the snow encrusted trees or big giant flakes float slowly to the ground.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE snow. I love the way it covers everything up and makes it beautiful. I like the way it slows everything down and muffles the usual sounds of my neighborhood.

Walking out in the woods while the flakes are coming down is one of the most magical experiences I can think of.

Annette said...

I do NOT love snow. I just finished shoveling our driveway and now need a nap.

Sleep is definitely good.

I'm trying hard to think up good things about January... I really am.

Still thinking. Will get back to you later...

Dana King said...

Well, Duh! January is the month the Steelers are in the playoffs. :-)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Very cute, Joyce! I'm loving January. I embrace the opportunity to say no to showing up, that people actually ask you to show up for fewer things because no one is going out! I get my life in order and savor each quiet moment with the kids. Now, then, my happy inside perspective will be ugly cabin fever. Love the photo.