Thursday, January 01, 2009

So Long, 2008

by Joyce

I'd probably be safe in saying that 2008 wasn't the greatest year for most people. Many people lost jobs, 401ks tanked. Some people either couldn't sell their houses or couldn't get mortgages for new ones. The weather didn't even cooperate. Some areas had record snowfalls during the winter. In the summer, some places had flooding while others had record heat and drought. I could go on, but I'll stop there.

So, here's hoping 2009 is a better year for everyone.

I don't believe in resolutions--I set goals instead. For me, goals are more attainable. If I don't quite achieve the goal I've set, I can adjust accordingly. And I don't have to set all my goals on January 1st. It's an ongoing process. My immediate goal is to finish the book I'm working on now.

Does anyone else set goals? Or do you prefer resolutions? What are your goals? Tell us what you plan to accomplish in 2009.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Jenna said...

Happy New Year, Joyce (and everyone)!

Anonymous said...

My goal/ resolutation this year: be open to what's offered as it comes up.

That's about the best I can do, today!

Anonymous said...

I get weird about new beginnings at the New Year, buying multiple notebooks and listing goals in multi-colored ink. It's fun in its way. Aside from the usual -- live frugally, eat healthily, exercise a lot, learn as much as possible, keep my job -- I have a secret goal, and I'm not telling anybody what that is!

Anonymous said...

I guess it's even more secret than I thought -- this is Gina, a/k/a anonymous.

Annette said...

Gina, the goal is supposed to be secret, not your name! And, Tory, that's a great resolution.

I'm with Joyce. I prefer goals to resolutions, although I suppose one could argue about what the difference is.

My goals for 2009 are:

Survive my job as 2009 Pennwriters Conference Coordinator with some sanity and not too many additional gray hairs.

Complete my current WIP (AFTER the conference, but before the end of the year),

Create some cash flow with my writing. I use this goal every year with more or less success.

And in accordance with that last one...send out the article queries that I've been procrastinating over and complete and submit the short story that's started, but not finished.

That's more than enough for one year.

Joyce Tremel said...

Here's my explanation for what I think is the difference between goals and resolutions.

Resolutions seem to be rigid. For example, someone will say, "My resolution is to go on a diet and lose 50 pounds." As soon as they eat their first chocolate chip cookie, they figure the diet is blown and they failed to keep their resolution.

If the same person sets a goal to lose some weight this year, eating a cookie doesn't mean all that much. It's a minor slip-up instead of a resolution breaker.

Goals are more fluid (and forgiving).

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

I also prefer to set goals rather than resolutions. I think even the word "resolution" is intimidating, like it is meant to be broken.

My goal for 2009 is to finish my book in one form or another. Oh, and lose another 20 pounds.