Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

Wilfred Bereswill

Something that has never worked out in our household is spring break. Our school district never could get their act together, so the high school, middle school and grade school never seemed to work together. So we never took a spring break vacation as a family and this year is no different.

I remember when my oldest daughter was a senior in high school. My wife and I were much younger and not as smart and we suckered into letting her go to Cancun for spring break. She survived and I’d rather not know what went on, but soon after that year, many of the news stations broke stories about infamous Mexican spring breaks and that was it. Daughter number 2 was instantly banned. But the stage had been set and somehow we OWED her an equivalent vacation, so my wife served as one chaperone on a spring break cruise. Dad got to stay at home.

The plans have not been set for daughter number 3 since her big trip is a year away. However, this year it’s my turn. You see, last summer came and went quickly and while we took a short trip to Gulf Shores, the week was anything but relaxing with all the takeover rumors of the company I worked for. I never had that relaxing break. Yes, I spent two months at home over the holidays and into February, but it was far from relaxing. So, as a pre-condition of employment, I arranged a little getaway for me and my beautiful wife. A little alone time. My daughters have all expressed their opinions on the fairness of our trip, but, I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for them. You see, my youngest daughter is on spring break this week, my middle daughter next week, my oldest is working a full time job, so that’s my excuse. Like always, spring break timing is working against us. Actually, I think it’s working for us.

On March 28th, my wife and I will be on Hawaii, The Big Island. We spend three nights in one of the most fabulous resorts I’ve ever been to, the Hapuna Prince. I just arranged a doors-off helicopter tour over Kilauea, the active volcano. We then plan to drive to the end of the road and hike out about a mile to see the lava glowing at twilight as it enters the sea. We really don’t have any other plans there, except maybe a casual drive in the convertible that I have reserved to South Point, the southmost point of land in the United States.

April 1st we take a small twin engine Cesena to Maui where we have an oceanfront condo for a week. There will be plenty of whale watching, snorkeling, waterfalls, and a special trip on a rigid inflatable Zodiac type boat to the island of Lanai to swim with wild spinner dolphins and sea turtles. I’m sure there will be a trip along the road to Hana in the convertible I have reserved there also, and a trip up Haleakala. We may even venture out to Little Beach in Makena. For those of you who don’t know, Little Beach is the unofficial clothing optional beach on Maui. It is quite a spectacular beach in it’s own right.
Do I feel guilty leaving my daughters behind while I go off to bask in the Hawaiian sun?

Not a bit.

So, I’m looking for ideas of things to do on the Big Island and Maui. Any suggestions?

By the way. On April 6th, I have arranged a special guest blogger to fill in for me. She tells me she has a real treat in store for everyone. I’ll try to check in with my new little Asus 10 inch Netbook, if I can get an internet signal while I sit on the beach drinking Margaritas’.



Gina said...

Will, can I go with you?

Joyce said...

Huh. And to think I used to like you...

Annette said...

My brother and his wife have been in Hawaii since February 28 and are returning to Pennsylvania on March 28, so maybe you'll pass them in the airport.

Gina and Joyce, I've used those exact same lines on my brother. It didn't work with him either.

Have a great trip, Will. No guilt allowed!

Wilfred Bereswill said...

I'm impervious to guilt at this point. The only sad thing is I have to take my Blackberry with me.

Jennie Bentley said...

Sounds like an unforgettable trip, Will. And well-deserved, too, after all you've been through lately. If you know Rebecca Cantrell, you should tag her while you're there, since it's where she lives. (Becky wrote A Trace of Smoke, which will be out from Tor/Forge in a couple of months. I have heard rumors that it's fabulous.)

Oh yes, and you're in good hands on the 6th. I'm just sorry you'll miss the big denouement. Then again, you were there... (cue evil laugh)

jwhit said...

Wil, you will love both islands. Maui: be sure to drive to the top of the volcano [dormant] and see the telescope station. Mosquito spray a must. Then go to the other 'dumb-bell' side of the island and enjoy the rainforest.

Big Island: of course you'll see the active volcano there, and if you're fortunate, Pele's rainbow may make an appearance. There is also a black sand beach on Hawaii that's worth visiting, I think near Hilo. It'll be in the guidebooks. Also check out the place where Captain Cook was killed. Also should be in the guidebooks.

Oahu has the most things to see that are 'exotic' by mainland standards, but that will wait for your second trip. Just keep the kids guessing, or else they'll want to come, too!

Most of all, have fun. The weather is magic.