Friday, June 19, 2009

PRINT ON DEMAND converted to the more practical SHOES ON DEMAND!

by Pat Gulley

POD, SHMEE OD! It may be a thoughtful consideration for authors, but if it were applied to shoes, I think it would be the # 1 bestselling purchasing tool of all times!!!

Where as I am of the opinion that Print On Demand is a good thing for publishing, I think it is simply the idea of the century for shoes. Yes, I’ve got my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, however I am also firmly committed to seeing to it that this idea goes with us to Mars and beyond. Not the Moon. The Moon promises to live up to its name for its inhabitants, and I don’t see much promise except for hovel living there.

Back on track, have you ever seen a pair of shoes on a rack, ran over, hand outstretched while groping for your credit card with the other, only to stop dead once its in your hands and groan loudly? That fabulous toe had the heel from hell! Or, on a sale rack where all shoes are jammed on haphazardly, to see a heel with a toe designed to reduce you to crutches after two steps.

Now think for a moment about Shoes On Demand. A machine is invented that can sew together…say…six designs--on the spot or within fifteen minutes. The original design can be on the shelf for those who absolutely must have a designer creation, however, someone who wouldn’t wear that heel, toe or backless number on or for any occasion, can take a code number over to a machine, pick a style more suited to his/her foot, check the size in a foot reader, slip in a credit card and BAM! Go off and check for more shoes while that pair of shoes is being made.

Now I ask you? Isn’t this a fabulous way to get the inventors out their to come up with this ‘create’ on demand machine that will be an innovation for about a week before adapters will have it converted to every kind of variation imaginable. Purses comes to mind instantly. I mean, heck you guys!!!! This would be the prototype of the Star Trek food processor that we know is going to have to be developed long before we invent warp drive. (I know, I know, all that human waste turning into your morning wake-me-upper doesn’t sound appetizing to most people, but hey! This is space travelers, the folks who will think of a hamburger as an ancient art form of cannibalistic savagery practiced into the 21st century by their ancestors.

Back on track, as a major shoe lover, I find the older I get the less I can find anything to put on my feet unless I’m pretty darn lucky. However, that doesn’t stop me from trying on every shoe I find that interests me and almost coming to tears over the fact that I couldn’t walk ten feet in them, or more importantly, haven’t got a dang place to wear them. (Retirement has sure ruined a lot of things!) So to take that cute design and material and tweak it a bit (or a lot) into something I could really wear, well, that’s something special. So I have no place to wear it, when has that ever stopped anyone from buying a pair of shoes. Shock of shock, a year or two later BAM! There’s that possible occasion and an opportunity not missed.

Am I daydreaming too much?


Joyce Tremel said...

I think you may be on to something here, Pat, especially if it could take the "ugly" out of shoes.

Maybe it's just me, but for the past couple of years shoes have been really hideous. Ugly, ugly, ugly. On the rare occasion I see something that isn't, either the heel is too high, or they don't have it in my size! Needless to say, I end up wearing sneakers and flip-flops most of the time.

Joyce Tremel said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm also a cheapskate. I won't pay more than $50 for a pair of shoes.

Annette said...

I love this idea! Provided one of the options is a custom size feature. My left foot is a tad bigger than my right foot and I have a quad A width heel. Needless to say, nothing fits unless it involves Velcro, which is not pretty on dress shoes.

Also, I want the purse version sooner rather than later. I'm still toting the bag I bought three summers ago and it's not because I'm cheap. Okay, I'm cheap. But I can't find a new one with the right amount of room for a book AND pockets to keep my stuff fairly organized.

Jenna said...

I love it! Like Annette, I have different-sized feet, and the right always needs cotton in the toe or a pad on the heel to keep me from walking out of it. Or an ankle-strap, of course. I like ankle-straps. And I have wide feet and - pardon me - duck-toes, so where the most well-fitting shoe for me is a Croc, it's hardly the most attractive. This idea has definitely potential.

Patg said...

Hey, if we can develop this 'machine', Annette, we can do any size no matter what.
Joyce, I agree with the ugly. Used to go into a store and wish I could buy 10 or 20 pair, now lucky if I see one I really like.
I've given up on purses being the right size. I've gone to one convenient for credit cards and money, and carry a tote for everything else. Much simpler.

Karen in Ohio said...

Why not? There is already such a thing for athletic shoes, why not for dressier footwear?

Wait! You didn't realize it already exists? Here ya go:

Can't claim credit for this one. My youngest, nerdiest daughter used to design shoes for herself all the time.

CA Verstraete said...

Joyce I so agree! I have not yet been able to find a reasonably priced (I'm cheaper than you, under $20-25 would be great) pair of regular sandals, back ankle strap, medium height, not flat, not too high and not UGLY! Is that too much to ask? And what is it with the gladiator shoes all over? Yuck! Can I borrow that shoe machine?