Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

Since it's the weekend and nobody else is posting, and since I don't want to wait until the beginning of August for my next scheduled blog date - especially since I'll have other things to talk about then, like the release of "Spackled and Spooked" on the 4th - I figure I'll just take the opportunity right now to share this thing of beauteousness with y'all.

This is the brand-new, seen for the first time yesterday, cover for "Plaster and Poison," DIY#3, coming to a store near you on March 2nd, 2010.
Two cats, as you see; that's Jemmy on the floor and Inky on the bed. You'll note the picture of the Eiffel Tower on the table, and the toile and just general French-ness of the whole thing?
Well, Avery and Derek are renovating an old carriage house behind Kate McGillicutty's Bed & Breakfast, and turning it into a romantic retreat for two, just in time for Kate's wedding to police chief Wayne Rasmussen and subsequent honeymoon in Paris. With Rosemary Baker in town to check out Derek, Shannon gallivanting around with a silver fox, and two sets of initials inside a heart carved in the carriage house wall to track down, Avery has plenty to do even before the bodies start dropping.

"Plaster and Poison" is available for preorder from Amazon right HERE... but without the pretty picture, so far.

So do y'all like my cover? Do ya? Huh?
(Oh yes, to give credit where credit is due: the designer of this beauty is Rita Frangie Batour with the Penguin Group, and the artist is Jennifer Taylor with Paperdog Studio. Just so you know who to ask for when it's your turn.)


Joyce said...

I just LOVE Berkley's covers. I can't wait to read the next installment!

Working Stiffs said...

Berkley overall have some awesome covers, and mine are - if I do say so myself - more awesome than most. I really lucked out with the artist and designer!

This is next year's book; Spackled and Spooked comes in just two weeks! (And I'm getting ready to start writing #4 just as soon as promoting #2 is done. 1783 center-chimney Colonial... here I come!)

Jennie Bentley said...

Damn, I forgot to sign out.

If there are more comments on this post, they'll go to the yahoo mailbox. Sorry about that, to whoever - you, Joyce? - has to weed them out.

Joyce said...

I think there's a Working Stiffs mailbox out there somewhere, but I've never accessed it. Maybe I'd better go find it...