Thursday, August 20, 2009

Knock, knock. Who's there?

By Paula Matter



Causing laughter or amusement.
Intended or designed to amuse.
Strangely or suspiciously odd; curious.
Tricky or deceitful.

What makes you laugh? Do you like slapstick? Puns? Play on words? Smart ass rejoinders? Wit?

Do you prefer profound over profane?

One of my co-workers expects a joke from me every day I see her. I have a knack for remembering jokes, so my well has not yet run dry. Probably goes back to my days of bartending. I have another co-worker who loves to tell me jokes. Unfortunately, 99% of them are in my well already. But I laugh because it’s what she wants.

I love making people laugh. I find tremendous joy in it. I could share my favorite joke with you now, but it’d take too long to write. Stop me at a conference or some other writerly event sometime and I’ll be happy to share.

Here's one of my favorite short silly jokes:

Why don't seagulls fly around bays?

Because then they'd be bagels.

What’s your favorite joke? Your favorite funny story? Favorite bumper sticker?

Let’s make each other laugh today.


Annette said...

I only really know one joke and it's not suitable for sharing here.

Okay, I remembered one. Two guys on their way to hunt bear saw a sign along the road that read "Bear Left." So they went home.

Ba dum bum.

Nancy said...

I'm waiting for Gina to show up.

Dana King said...

Im like you in some ways. I've actually shown up at a friend's house, in front of ten people I'd never seen before, and been introduced with, "This is the friend I was telling you about. Say something funny, King."

My favorite joke? Hard to pick one, as it can change day to day, and some are pretty long. Here's one:

Descarte comes back to life, which, of course, causes quite a stir. He makes the rounds of The Continent, amazing everyone with his commentary on contemporary life.

Finally, since nothing is officially wonderful until it happens in the United States, he flies to New York. On the way, a flight attendant asks if he would like some coffee.

Descarte replied, "I think not."

And he disappeared.

Jennie Bentley said...

Humor. Har.

I'm not real big on jokes, but can I just share that I adore Terry Pratchett? He says that humor - as opposed to wit - has to have deep roots, and I find that rather profound. Deep, if I may be allowed a pun. Anyway...

When my ten-year-old comes home from school this afternoon, I'll get a joke from him. He likes them, and knows some good ones. I don't.

Anonymous said...

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck were spending the night together in a hotel room and Donald wanted to have sex with Daisy. The first thing Daisy asked was, 'Do you have a condom?'

Donald frowned and said, 'No.'

Daisy told Donald that if he didn't get a condom, they could not have sex. 'Maybe they sell them at the front desk,' she suggested.
So Donald went down to the lobby and asked the hotel clerk if they had condoms.
'Yes, we do,' the clerk said and pulled a box out from under the counter and gave it to Donald..

The clerk asked, 'Would you like me to put them on your bill?

'No!' Donald quacked, I'll thuffocate


Jamie said...

Recently on trips I've started something called 4/4/4 (the explanation of the numbers is too long for here). I look for 4 things that make me laugh, 4 things that that are extremely and memorably odd, and 4 mini miracles. Sometimes the odd things are also funny, like the life-size plastic horse we saw in one lady's yard, or a man pushing a bicycle with a chair on top.