Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Got Nothing

by Joyce

I've been tossing ideas around all day trying to come up with a subject for this post. Like the title says, I haven't come up with much of anything. Right now it's ten p.m. and I'm sitting in my sunroom with the windows closed because there's a skunk out there somewhere. This is the second night in a row the little bugger has graced us with his fragrance.

It's especially annoying because we don't even live out in the country. We live in the freaking suburbs. I have no idea why the little darling decided to stink up our yard, but I wish he'd move on. And for the record, Febreeze doesn't help.

So, if anyone has any idea how to discourage Pepe LePew from taking up residence in our yard, let me know.

In the meantime, enjoy this:


Jennie Bentley said...

Coffee grounds? Pepper? I've heard that those work on dogs or maybe it's cats. Worth a try, maybe?

We live in the middle of Nashville - suburban area full of half acre lots and 1950s ranch houses - and we have a fox living in a drainage pipe down the street. One of those that go below the driveways, you know. I saw him one day not too long ago when he got rained out. He's not a problem, though. Not yet, anyway.

Annette said...

Instead of trying to repel the skunk get rid of what lures him there in the first place. Grubs. Bugs in the dirt. If you treat for the grubs, the skunk will move on to better dining establishments.

This from my husband, the great hunter who has learned there is no way possible to trap a skunk and not have him spray.

Joyce said...

That's the thing, Annette. We don't have any grubs. We put Grub-Ex down as a preventive measure, and even our beetle trap is empty. And the birds take care of everything else. We don't even have mosquitoes anymore. The birds eat them. I'm thinking maybe he was just passing through the past two nights and dining in someone else's yard.

Jennie, we're less than ten miles from downtown Pittsburgh, and we even have coyotes in our township. When I worked for the PD, we'd get calls about them all the time. I think a fox would be cute.

The plan I live in has 50s and 60s houses, too. (Some of them look like the people are still living in the 60s.) We've been in our ranch house for 28 years and I'm pretty sure the previous owners wouldn't recognize it now.

Patg said...

Considering how bad a moorage smells when the river is low, I would even notice a skunk in the area. Our problems are racoons and beaver. Nothing to be done about racoons except give them a wide berth. But we have to pay a service to catch beaver and move them elswhere, as they are protected in Oregon.

SZ said...

Not sure how it will work outside, however moth balls, or a large moth cake is great for keeping kitties out of spots you do not want them

Karen in Ohio said...

Jennie, a fox shouldn't be a problem, except to the local rodent population.

Coyotes, on the other hand...