Monday, October 26, 2009


by Gina Sestak

Did you ever have one of those days when nothing goes right?  I seem to be having one of those lifetimes, but it's been particularly annoying over the last few months.

First, one of my cats died.

Then I got really sick and vomited for a week, before I ended up in the ER and in surgery.   The operation started laparoscopically, then got complicated, so I ended up with this hideous huge incision across my upper abdomen.  I was planning to take a picture of it, so I could show you all what it looks like, but I couldn't get the digital camera to work -- see what I mean about nothing going right?  So decided to draw it using PhotoShop.

My incision looks something like this:

It's almost 8 inches long.  The dots are where the staples went in.

But, anyway, this post isn't about my incision.  It's about dealing with adversity.  Writers are good at that.  We incorporate life's traumas into our books, following the adage:  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Life gave me this nifty scar and Halloween is coming, so I'm trying to think of ways to  incorporate it into a costume.  I'm open to suggestions.  What do you think?


Pat Remick said...

Ah, can you turn it into a smiley face -- or a grimace -- add eyes and a nose with magic marker cuz 2 heads are better than one?

OK, that was silly but it sounds like you could use some cheering up! Hope suffering the scar means you're feeling better physically anyway....

Annette said...

Having actually SEEN the scar, I can confirm that it is quite impressive.

Gina, get a red marker and continue the scar all the way around your middle and go Halloweening as the former assistant of a failed magician doing the cut-the-lady-in-half routine.

martha reed said...

Gina, I tried to come up with something really clever but all I can think of is to use a marker to add a label like: Insert Thumb Here to Open. Tear Along Perforation?

It gives me the shivers!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Glen, hope you're better soon. With a scar like that, Frankenstein comes to mind, of course.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Gina said...

So far, so good.
I love that magician's assistant idea, Annette.
The smiley face isn't bad, Pat - except that might get obscene because the scar is only a few inches below my breasts . . .
Martha, I think I'll pass on your idea lest some idiot try it!
Elizabeth, it reminds me of Frankenstein, too.