Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Annette's World

by Annette Dashofy

After reading about Jennie’s, Gina’s, and Martha’s travels and escapades, I feel like I got nothin’.

Any thoughts of travel evaporated with the loss of Hubby’s job this spring. Thank heavens we have the campsite in Confluence or I’d be stir crazy by now.

I was going to write about our Fourth of July weekend at the camp, but thanks to a monster head cold, I spend most of my time there curled up with a book. Not a bad way to spend a weekend, but not very interesting blog material.

So I’ve decided to offer you a taste of summer here in rural Pennsylvania.

Welcome to my world.

This is Skye, who doesn't think much of the heat we're having.

Leaving Skye to her nap, we'll head outside.

This robin's nest with babies is right outside my office window. I'd been hearing the fluttering for days before I investigated the source.

Here is my veggie garden. It looks good, thanks to Hubby. I get absolutely no credit for it.

These are our cucumbers, green onions, and some basil, along with some carrots hiding in the weeds.

There's a yellow squash almost ready to pick!
A zucchini, too!

We keep electric fence around the garden to keep the critters out. Otherwise, they'd get a better harvest than we would.

Quiz time. Can anyone name this plant? Hint: You cannot kill it and it will make you cry. There's no prize for coming up with the name. I just wondered who the farmers are among us. Heh heh.

My ten acre backyard.

And here comes Moochie. He's technically not my cat, but no one seems to have told him. He's decided whether or not he's MY cat, I'm definitely HIS person.
Not sure if this guy is related to the family on the side of our house, but he struck a pose, so here he is.
And finally our tour of my world ends back at my front porch and our bumper crop of catnip. For some reason, Moochie doesn't care for it. But Skye is addicted.
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your summer!


PatRemick said...

It looks hot. Or am I just thinking everything, everywhere is hot? LOL. "Your" garden puts our deck tomato plant to shame, and yet we look forward to its small production. Thanks for your view of summer -- a fun post to start the (HOT) day.

Annette said...

Pat, it IS hot. I come from generations of farmers, but I'm terrible at keeping plants alive. All credit for our lovely garden goes to my hubby.

Laurissa, thanks. Both Skye and Moochie know very well how cute they are. ;-)

Martha Reed said...

Hi, Annette. Your world looks so peaceful. I had a farm in Texas with lots of friendly critters - some domesticated, most not. We all got along. Thanks for sharing!

Jennie Bentley said...

Very pastoral. Very idyllic. Looks very peaceful. The cats would make me sneeze. (I only write about them. Can't actually have any.) Looks like you've got a nice place, Annette.

PatR, everything everywhere *is* hot. We're looking at upper 90s this week. When the temps go up to body temperature, it really becomes a little much.

Joyce said...

Nice photos!

We actually planted 3 tomatoes, 3 peppers, and 3 kohlrabis this year. One of the tomato plants doesn't even have buds on it yet. I don't think it's gonna produce much.

Maybe I'll share some photos tomorrow.

Annette said...

Isn't anyone going to venture a guess on what that one leafy plant is???

Martha, the neighbors cows were off somewhere in the shade when I had the camera out, so I didn't get to include them in my tour.

Jennie, today is supposed to be the hottest day we've had in five years. I'm not complaining as long as the power doesn't go out. Love my air conditioning.

Joyce, I've seen "your world" too. I know it's lovely. Looking forward to your photos. And I LOVE kohlrabi.

Gina said...

Kohlrabi is nice, but I have to confess that my favorite among the weirdo roots is rutabaga.

Kaye George said...

I loved your tour, Annette. Looks green and peaceful anyway.

OK, rhubarb?

Patg said...

Sounds to me like zuchini. You cannot kill that stuff, it returns yearly with bumper crops.

On the other hand, Annette, you make me feel a bit guilty. I was born and raised in Wilkes Barre and spent my youth thinking about escaping, which I did manage to do.
Can't even imagine have 10 inches of lawn much less 10 acres.
50th high school reunion coming up and though it might be interesting, the thoughts of going back cancel it all out.
Not that Oregon is so different, but I did manage to find something a little different here.

Ramona said...

Beautiful photos, Annette. Thanks for reminding me that my (1) tomato and (1) pepper plant need watering.

I could use some watering myself. I have had enough of the hot life.

Becky said...

I know what it is but I won't tell becuase it is my husbands fault it is there. Big plans that never happen. : )

Annette said...

Becky, I know you know what it is. No, it isn't rhubarb amd it isn't zucchini. I'll give you guys a little while longer and then I'll spill the beans (no it isn't beans either!).

Joyce said...

We're all patiently waiting. What is it?

Annette said...

Sorry. I forgot to log back in last night. Okay, the mystery leaves are...


I love horseradish, but I remember from my youth, my mother and grandmother grinding the root. Drove everyone out of the house for the day. Seriously toxic fumes. So I've never done anything with our little crop, But I enjoy having it for the nostalgia.

Becky said...

Well at least something good came out of it. Fred says he thought he dug it all up. He was surprised it was still growing.

Annette said...

Becky, it's one of those things that you just can't kill. Who knows. I might dig some up at some point.