Friday, July 09, 2010

A Perfect Summer Day

by Laurissa

As a young girl summer vacation was full of endless possibilities. I didn’t keep track of the days, and I tried my hardest to never have to see the school during the summer months (out of sight, out of mind).  I was one of six children, and my parents didn’t have the time to transport us or the money to enroll us in summer activities, so instead we amused ourselves.

My favorite summer pastime was sitting on the front porch glider reading. Through my books, I went on many vacations each summer, even though I can only recall taking two actual vacations during my childhood: Washington, D.C., and Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI.

During the evening hours we’d run around catching lightning bugs and playing games of tag, including something we called “statue.” I remember it involved swinging another child around in circles by their arms and letting go; in whatever position they were in when they stopped, they’d have to “freeze” until they were tagged and allowed to move. At least, I think that’s how we played it. It was a few years ago!

A foodie at heart, my favorite summer meal was an open-faced tomato, mayo and American cheese sandwich, which was melted under the broiler, accompanied by corn-on-the-cob, slathered with butter and sprinkled with salt, watermelon for dessert and maybe a popsicle or ice cream cone as a nighttime snack.

To this day if I could have a “perfect” summer day, it would be just like the ones I experienced as a child.

What's your idea of a perfect summer day?


Annette said...

Sitting on the glider reading a book sounds pretty darned good to me.

Mary said...

The pool and then the pool, a back porch that faces the woods and your favorite summer meal (fresh from the garden).

Giggles and Guns

Joyce said...

We couldn't afford vacations, either, so we had to amuse ourselves. I read books sitting on our front porch glider, too. And played Statues, along with Mother May I, Redlight-Greenlight-Stop, and Red Rover.

We also played baseball on a concrete playground that had the baselines painted on. I have a nice scar on my elbow from sliding into home once.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I think today's kids miss out on way too much. I mean, really. When's the last time you saw a concrete baseball field?

Joyce said...

Wow, I just noticed we have 100 followers now!

Wilfred Bereswill said...

Laurissa, I'm hoping my perfect summer day is tomorrow. I'll be Father of the Bride. I'm just hoping it's all not just a blur.

Ramona said...

Laurissa, my family took some epic vacations when I was a kid--epic because my brothers fought constantly in the car, my dad did not believe in bathroom breaks, my mom saved money by packing sandwiches, and my sister and I bickered endlessly about anything, everything and nothing.

But, we always stayed in nice hotels and we always had a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant. We traveled all over the South. If there were six flags over a place, we hit it. Then we went home and my father declared he was never, ever taking us on another vacation ever, ever again. That lasted two or three years, then we did it again.

It was great! My siblings and I love to talk about our family trips, the good and the bad. But I think my mom and dad deserve a medal--maybe the parents' version of the Purple Heart.

Joyce said...

Will, have a great time tomorrow! And try to relax!

PatRemick said...

Wow, haven't thought about the game statue in YEARS. My perfect summer day this decade... a great book, lakeside... and not having to cook all day!
Will -- we'll be thinking of you --and that wonderful toast you're giving....

Gina said...

Joyce -
My family didn't go on vacations, either, except to "Porchville." After my father finally got a car, we went on drives that sound a lot like Ramona's epic vacations, but without the hotels. We went to DC for two days once, but the only things I remember is that the streets so wide that the light would turn red before you made it across and that Mt. Vernon had little short fruit trees that could be picked without a ladder. Mostly, we ended up at places like Fort Ligonier or Keystone Lake Park.

Avery Aames said...

Sounds idyllic and lovely.

Swimming, chlorinated hair, vanilla ice cream cones or root beer floats.

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