Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Time, and The Livin' is Easy

by guest blogger Billie Williams

Summer Time, and The Livin’ Is Easy, remember that old tune? I guess the oldies will always be sung. Summer storms and bugs, gardens full of fresh vegetables and fruits….ah yes, summer. This year’s early warmth and then devastating frost killed many of the fruit blossoms. My plum tree needed a rest--it produced bushels of fruit the last two years. But, it’s still disappointing when there is no fresh fruit for jellies and jams, and canning for the winter. The flower beds are a blaze of color and delighted humming birds. Flower beds provide comfort for the eyes and mind—aroma of the gods. Birds and critters of the forest provide constant entertainment at my feeding stations. I’m drawn to the summer like a moth to the flame, and the summer is I’m reminded, after all—a lot like writing.

“How’s that?” I hear you say. As a writer you begin full of promise, writing like the wind, pen following those ideas burning a hole in your mind. Trying to catch them as if they were illusive fire flies lighting up the night sky. So briefly their light flickers you might miss them if you don’t watch closely and hurry along your way to snatch them out of the ether. Ideas as elusive as butterflies on a summer breeze, but if you stand still, watch, wait, and breathe—you may be surprised what will happen. That idea grows and perches on your pen so that you can capture it and enjoy its beauty in your prose.

Writing is a lot like summer if you think about it. Can I recommend that you take a swim in the word pond and fill you mind with all its sensations? Then, write like the wind whether it is like summer's gentle breeze or a tornado swirling furious – let the wind direct your sails. You never know what you might find on the far shore of summer.

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Mary said...

Excellent comparison. find summer a difficult time to write because I want to be out in the beauty. (The old bones don't take the cold so well any more.)
Thanks for the reading suggestions.
Giggles and Gunsx

PatRemick said...

Welcome to Working Stiffs, Billie and thanks for the lovely images. Problem for me is that old "Livin is Easy" part, which makes me feel very lazy! So thanks for the inspiration!

Jennie Bentley said...

Welcome to the Stiffs, Billie. Now you've got me wanting to listen to Gerschwin...

Sylvia Kaye Hamilton said...

Oh Billie, again you inspire me with your stimulating descriptions. What a neat true story. Have you thought about compiling a book of shorts like that? It inspires ideas for my book.

Thanks for sharing in this blog. It's a wonderful blog too.

Pee Wee

unwriter said...

Summers heat makes me slow down to the point of almost being stopped. But I spring into writing mode and fall into NaNo and the museitupconference. I'm not too cool about winter but I do thaw out some thoughts.

Fran Orenstein said...

Summertime in Florida...something to contemplate in an air conditioned house. Glad to see more on Billie Williams...great lady, great writer.

Word Crafter said...

I had to stop by and read all the very nice comments - thank you all. I'm glad my words inspired a bit - thank you to everyone at Working Stiffs for allowing me to be part of this super blog.
Thank you all for you comments once again. Write like the Wind!

Wilfred Bereswill said...

Welcome Billie.

With the heat and humidity in St. Louis, summer is the perfect time to write.

I can park my butt in a comfortable chair in my den, turn the ceiling fan on high to circulate the chilled air and let my fingers dance across the keyboard.

It beats mowing the lawn.

Patg said...

Hi Billie, Welcome.
Needless to say, Oregon never complies. Our summer didn't start until 2 weeks ago, and it is a rollercoaster of ups (a little) and downs. Cold cloudy mornings where you sit waiting for it to warm up for the afternoon. Plays havic with your creative juices. If I'm not careful I could step off my ramp or deck and take an unexpected dip in the river. No thanks!