Thursday, October 21, 2010

My All-Time Favorite Scary TV Show

By Paula Matter

While pondering (and by that I mean grasping for something, anything to write about) today's blog post, and keeping Scary, Spooky stuff as the topic, the following is what immediately came to my mind:

I'm sure that was known by all of y'all (youins/youse guys, etc) as the delightful opening to The Twilight Zone. I spent hours yesterday watching old clips that I could share with you. Some of my old favorites, others I did not remember ever seeing.

And then there were the others. The ones that terrified me back then still give me chills. If you watched The Twilight Zone you'll know what I mean. Anyone remember Talky Tina? The Dummy? The brother and sister with the bickering parents and swimming pool? The little girl who goes though the friggin' wall and--

Watch these while I calm myself down:

If you're still with me, (and I hope you are), not all of the episodes were scary. This next one has got to be my absolute favorite. For all you dog lovers out there, here's a partial clip. Oh, hell, all you animal lovers can go ahead and watch.

Smart old man. Even smarter dog.

I saved this next one for last. As readers, even if you never saw the full episode you've at least seen some, or at the very least have heard about it.

Any other Twilight Zone fans out there? What are your most scariest episodes? Your favorite(s)?


Karen in Ohio said...

That last clip? The scariest thing I've ever seen!


PatRemick said...

I loved Twilight Zone and .. hated it... because it was so scary. I terrorized my sister for years over the earwigs that I had learned about in one episode...

Joyce said...

I never watched the Twilight Zone much, but I liked Night Gallery. We even have the first season on DVD.

And the earwig thing? My younger sister is afraid of bugs and I STILL terrorize her with that one. All I have to do is say "earwig" and she shivers. Evil, I know.

Mason Canyon said...

The old Twilight Zone is a favorite of mine. The last clip with Burgess Meredith was one of my favorite and also one of the most frightening to me. It was one of those that made you stop and think, 'what if.'

Thoughts in Progress

Susan said...

Every writer remembers the last clip!

Imagine the horror of having an entire library of books and not being able to read them.

Now that's scary

susan meier

Gina said...

It's amazing how these old tv shows stick with you, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder.

Gina said...

Paula -
I would probably have more to say if I could watch these clips at work. I can't, though. Drat.

Patg said...

Actually, I just found them creapy. I loved the William Shatner one on the airplane. I never sit near the wing if I can help it. I don't remember the name of the one that really scared me. It was about people who discovered they were all 'dollhouse' people and some how a huge spider got loose near by.
I preferred Outer Limits.

Rochelle said...

The last clip is the ONLY Twilight Zone episode I remember vividly - the damn scariest, creepiest ending I ever saw. Horrors!

Gina said...

It's hard for me to keep straight which stories were on Twilight Zone, whcih were on Night Gallery, or maybe even Outer Limits.
Does everyone remember "Number Nine," heard over the PA system in a department store? Or "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork"? Or the one in which the beautiful girl was having plastic surgery to look ugly like everyone else. I do remember the earwig one - it still gives me the creeps, and makes my inner brain itch!

Working Stiffs said...

Ahh, the earwig. Shiver. That was from the Night Gallery--another show I watched.

Was Number Nine the one with the mannequin? I loved that one!

And The Monsters on Elm Street, and the one with Agnes Moorehead being invaded and the one where Robert Redford plays Death and the one when the guy pitches to save the little girl and and and....