Thursday, October 07, 2010

Other fun surprises

By Paula Matter

I'm hijacking my own post to add a video. It's too large to e-mail to my sister, so I am hoping I can add it here. (Just checked and it is working. Yay!)

Here's the story behind the video.

Last month my two sisters, (my older sisters as I like to remind them because I'm still apparently a bratty younger sister) planned a trip to Boston. One lives in New Orleans (that would be the oldest of the three of us), and the other lives in Florida.

Boston is only a 6-7 hour drive for me depending on how many cops are on the road. I decided to surprise my sisters with a visit. Long story short, I found out where they were staying, and where they were having dinner the first night.

I asked the restaurant manager (Yay Matt at Legal Seafood in Cambridge) if I could surprise them. I explained my plan and he, sweetheart that he was, agreed. The wonderful bartender, Shannon, asked if I wanted her to videotape it. She's the one holding the camera. Another helpful restaurant employee handed me a tray and off I went.

Hope you enjoy.


Karen in Ohio said...

Too fun, Paula! What a great surprise for your sisters.

I've been to that same Legal Seafoods, the first time I took my middle daughter to Boston, on a marathon, three-state college tour. Hope you had some clam chowder, yum.

You're full of surprises today! lol

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

What a cool thing to do! Aren't you the clever one?

Working Stiffs said...

Karen, I did have the clam chowder. You're right--yum!

Glad you enjoyed the video.

Working Stiffs said...

Oh, Mary, I like that! Clever is so much nicer than sneaky.

Anonymous said...

Very sneaky.

The sister

Working Stiffs said...

And that last comment, ladies & gents, was from my older sister. Not the oldest one, but the one in the middle one.


Unknown said...

She would make an Anonymous comment, wouldn't she Paula. What a fun surprise! Glad the three of your got to see one another.

Your cousin Kathy

PatRemick said...

You are one imaginative woman!

Paula Matter said...

Hey, Kathy! It was fun.

Well, Pat, I are a writer. hehe