Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful—or Not

By Patricia Gulley

The theme this month made me realize what a swing from right to left thankfulness can be. I am very thankful that I got published this year, but not so thankful to realize how uninspiring the amount of publicity I’ve done for the book has not produced the readers I’d hoped for or very much profit. Yes, there are sales, and at first actually being able to account for each and every one was a study in disappointment. It has moved to realizing strangers have actually purchased it, but I’m still heavy sighing.

Also, with all the sad events for me this year, I have to say that this is one year I will not be sad to see go. Of course, sad, mournful, stressed or frightened it has to be said: it is a learning lesson. The problem is who would want to have another event to put my new found knowledge to use on? NOT!!!

So, since it is black Friday as you read this, let me tell you why I’m thankful for it. I love it! Try to think of me out there in the mobs of shoppers pawing through the bargains, having myself a jolly good time even though I don’t need to buy any of it. YES, I’m one of those people who loves crowds, mobbed stores, stuffed parking lots and shopping, shopping, shopping. It really is ‘the bad’ stress reliever for me, while letting me indulge in good stress, fun stress, happy stress.

Okay, as I’ve said, I don’t need to buy a thing, but you’d be surprised at how comforting getting out there is that mass of humanity is for soothing my brain pan. (Anyone getting ready to suggest nature and/or animals to me, notice my hands are up and in karate stance) So if you hate all the hubbub of the malls and stores; try to think of me enjoying myself, flailing away, healing, wishing for a good old fashion cat fight over some useless item, and the best part: I’M working off all those thousands of extra calories I ate yesterday and coming home without having bought a thing. I hope.

Happy Holidays everyone.


Jennie Bentley said...

Have a great time battling the masses, Pat. For me, I'm staying home. I don't need to buy any of it either, and so I won't. ;-)

Ramona said...

Pat, when I lived in Louisiana, there was a famous department store called Maison Blanche. Every year there was a massive shoe sale that invariably ended up with fire trucks and police cars outside the store because there were invariably too many people at the sale for the fire code and invariably there were fist fights over the last pair of black size 7 sling-backs or whatever. It was tacky and dangerous and I LOVED IT.

Enjoy your shopping day, unapologetically!

Joyce Tremel said...

I went shopping at 5:30 this morning. It wasn't bad at all. Everyone was polite and happy. Even the store clerks were cheerful. When I left the shopping center at 8, there were still a lot of empty parking spaces.

I even bought myself a present: a $40 Belgian waffle maker for only $10!

Patg said...

Some stores opened at midnight. I was too stuffed from dinner to go, and this morning we had a bit of freezing rain. Arg!! Oh well. Will get out there a little later.
Ramona, I can see me at a sale like that too. Loving every minute of it. And there's always tomorrow.
No Apologies.
Oh, one of our outlet malls (right off I-5 and really bad access roads) had the highway backed up starting around 730P last night. I think the economy is coming back.

Gina said...

Sorry, Pat. I'd like to comment, but I hate to shop. I hope you have a lot of fun.

Patg said...

Just to follow up at the end of the weekend, I didn't find any of those overwhelming crowds I saw on TV, especially that Target store in Buffalo. Sheesh. Of course, I wasn't at any stores at midnight or 3AM. OTOH, I go have a backache, the kind you get from hours of browsing.
Sure was fun.