Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in the Writerly World

By Tamara Girardi

So, tomorrow's the big day. Turkey day.

For me, it's a day that I don't have to cook, I get to eat two huge, delicious dinners, and I can spend the early part of the day finalizing edits on my manuscript. To be more specific, I'll be reading the pages aloud one last time before submitting it (cue vibrant marching band playing my private, writing fight song - I so need one of those).

Hopefully agents will fall in love with the manuscript. So will editors, booksellers, and readers (the marching band is really playing now!). Not if, but when that happens, there will be many people to thank.

My colleagues on this blog, for instance. Members of Sisters in Crime, Backspace and PennWriters. My first readers. My family, especially my husband. My dog for keeping my toes warm while I write.

Then there are my favorite writerly resources. Since I'm so thankful for them, I'd like to share them with you.

First, books:
  1. On Writing by Stephen King
  2. The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass
  3. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
  4. Story by Robert McKee
  5. How to Write a Damn Good Novel by James N. Frey (not the controversial one)
  1. Query Shark - a must if you're planning to query agents soon
  2. Former literary agent Nathan Bransford - particularly the Agent for a Day posts
  3. Literary agent Janet Reid
  4. Literary agent Rachelle Gardner
  5. Former literary agent Colleen Lindsay
  1. Backspace (next conference May 2011)
  2. PennWriters (next conference May 2011)
  3. Write Stuff (next conference March 2011)

Also, I have to say I wouldn't be anywhere without my ghost-hunting friends at Spirited Ghost Hunting. I can't wait to go on another hunt with you all!

So, I'm curious. What resources would you add to this list?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


Joyce Tremel said...

Tamara, I think your book will be a big hit. Your query sure was!

One writing book I'd add to your list:

How To Write Killer Fiction by Carolyn Wheat

It's an excellent breakdown of what elements need to be in mysteries and thrillers and the differences between the two.

Jennie Bentley said...

Organizations: SinC, RWA, ITW.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! I assume we're off the air tomorrow?

Paula Matter said...

What Joyce said. I'd add Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel by Hallie Ephron. I keep that book handy while I'm working.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gina said...

My writing tools would have to include everything I see, hear, touch, smell, taste, read, do, or otherwise experience that informs my writing.

Tamara said...

Joyce, I hadn't heard of that book. I will take a look at it. Also, thanks for the encouragement!

Tamara said...

Gina, that's so true!

Paula, I'll take a look at Hallie's book, too.

Jennie, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!