Monday, November 08, 2010

Where's Will?

Wilfred Bereswill had a senior moment over the weekend and forgot he had an obligation to blog for the Working Stiffs.  He would send his apologies, but he already forgot that he forgot.

Sometimes Wilfred is thankful for having difficulty remembering things.

Please forgive his sorry memory and talk among yourselves today.


Gina said...

I've heard it said that where there's a Will, there's a way. I'm not sure what there is when there's no Will.

Working Stiffs said...

It's no excuse, but Will had a pretty full weekend.

We're prelaring to throw our lives in upheaval. On Tuesday, the work begins,

New Granite Countertops,
New Gas cooktop to replace old electic cooktop,
New free-standing hood to replace downdraft
New kitchen lighting
New sink and kitchen faucet
New cabinet hardware (I counted them, we have 48 cabinet and drawer pulls

Last weekend was dedicated to battling over the type and model of cooktop and ventilation.

This weekend was dedicated to lighting and the rest, as well as getting the kitchen ready for the work crews.

When all is said and done, I'll post before and after pictures.

Paula Matter said...

Too funny, Gina! I love it.

Y'know, Will could've uploaded a few photos of George Clooney and we might not've noticed there was no text. Just sayin'.

Seriously, Will, I don't envy you this task, and I do look forward to the photos.

Jennie Bentley said...

Clooney, hell! I can't believe not a one of you commented on *my* choice of eye candy that I posted on Friday. Not a one! What's wrong with all you girls?!

Renovating is always fun, innit, Freddy? Good luck with it. And a piece of advice: give your wife what she wants. Unless you do all the cooking - and I do mean all - it's her kitchen, and if mama ain't happy...

Wilfred Bereswill said...


The wife got what she wanted in the first go-around. She told me that I shouldn't have let her win way back then.

She started fighting it (going to a bigger cooktop and gas instead of electric.)

I wanted stainless steel and using the cooktop and island hood as a focal point and she wanted the black glass cooktop with downdraft so it blended in.

We're doing it my way this time, although she did pick out the granite (with my blessing.)

Oh and beside all the decorating, fellow St. Louis author Jo Hiestand and myself held our 5th college continuing education class, called "How To Map A Mystery." Saturday morning 4 hour class.