Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Phil! There's a tiger in the bathroom!

By Martha Reed

Even though the sun is shining I find myself feeling a little sorry for myself because I’m stuck inside because of the temperature. Truly, I am a lizard. If it’s less than thirty degrees outside then I am indoors, working. Reading Wilfred’s post didn’t help matters any (Hawaii?) and having one sister texting me from Florida asking me whether should she go sailing or get a massage is really icing my cake.

So, in my own defense I started thinking about my next vacation. I haven’t started to formulate any plans although the calendar rolled over and I have accrued some time off. I started thinking about what I did last year and of all the plans I made I have to say the most enjoyable vacation was the surprise one: a friend from work asked me to travel with her to Las Vegas to see the Beatles Cirque show and I said yes. The show was amazing; you really have to see those performers on their home base but the best part of the vacation was the Sunday morning we decided to stay in, be lazy, order room service (the best!) and watch a movie. The pay-per-view movie we picked was The Hangover:

Now I’m not advocating the excessive consumption of anything but this movie was hilarious. I think the best part of it was the writing because just as you thought you understood what was going on the carpet got pulled out from under you and there you were, scrambling again.

I bring this up because I’m trying to incorporate some of this into my new novel. Yesterday, as I turned what I think of as a corner, I added a couple of fat paragraphs that I’m hoping will wake the reader up. My concern is that after two hundred pages, readers may start to doze because they’ve memorized the fiction formula. I think this is one of the reasons The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series is doing so well; you never know what to expect.


Annette said...

Well, if you're aiming to wake people up, the title of this post sure did it!

I'm dreaming of summer, too. The depressing thing is since Hubby started a new job late in the fall we have NO VACATION DAYS. Argh!

And, yeah, I'm still in a funk over Will's Hawaiian adventure yesterday.

Jennie Bentley said...

We've gone from snow to rain over the past couple of days, and the kids are going back to school today, after having yesterday (MLK Day) and all of last week off for snow. It's almost like a vacation, not having them underfoot all day! I'll also be going to Norway in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait. I'll land in a few few of snow and it'll be cold and dark, of course, but it's home!

Martha Reed said...

I shouldn't have said anything because I jinxed myself and woke up to ice. Everything was covered in a protective coating of ice, including the sidewalk and the street. Palm trees, anyone?

Wilfred Bereswill said...

Actually Martha, I look at The Hangover as one of the funniest Mysteries I've ever seen. Irreverent as they come but I can't stop laughing. And it does play out just like a mystery.

If you haven't seen the "Unrated Version" it has a number of additional scenes that are even funnier.

In Honolulu at the moment, getting ready to visit the Big Island's airports.


Martha Reed said...

Thanks for the comment, Wilfred but you're not helping matters! Aloha, indeed.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Summer seems so far away and I loved the hangover.

Gina said...

I still haven't shaken that joy of snow feeling. You know: big smile - "IT'S SNOWING!" - but I could have done without that ice this morning. I ended up sitting in the car for 10 minutes, waiting for the far side windows to melt enough to roll them down for a clear view because the ice in the driveway (even salted) was too treacherous to walk around and scrape them.

Martha Reed said...

Will you all come visit me at my Tiki Bar in the Bahamas?

Anonymous said...

Okay, just an update. I'm sitting at the oceanside bar at the Sheraton Waikiki, ocean breeze licking at my hair, enjoying a Kona Lavaman Red Ale and a spicy tuna roll. actually It's a bit chilly. maybe 68 degrees.


Joyce Tremel said...

Hey Will? Shut up. :-)