Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Author Interviews Her Sleuth

Guest blogger Marilyn Levinson Interviews Lydia Krause
(An Author Interviews Her Sleuth)

Marilyn:  Lydia, you must be very proud of yourself, now that you’ve solved your first mystery and helped catch the murderer. Tell us why you moved to Twin Lakes, that beautiful upscale retirement community on Long Island.

Lydia:  After my husband died, my older daughter insisted I live near her and her family. So I sold my company and my large house, and moved to the wilds of Suffolk County.

Marilyn:  Was it the right move for you?

Lydia:  I didn’t think so at first. Meredith’s plan was to keep me busy as a full-time baby sitter. Don’t get me wrong. I love my granddaughters. But when I found out what she was up to while I was watching the kids -- well, I had to take action.

Marilyn:  Tell us about the shock you received at your very first Twin Lakes social event.

Lydia:  I could hardly believe my eyes when my neighbor introduced me to the very man who had driven my baby sister to suicide. This convicted embezzler had the nerve to set himself up as the residents’ financial advisor. Some advisor! He was no better than Bernie Madoff. I told him then and there I knew who he was.

Marilyn:  I understand you and his wife had a shouting match in front of everyone.

Lydia:  Much to my regret. The stupid woman accused me of causing trouble for her husband, when he’d ruined hundreds of lives. Of course, I’m sorry she was murdered.

Marilyn:  Mowed down by your Lexus the following morning.

Lydia:  Can you believe that? I was shocked Detective Molina ever considered I might have done such a dreadful deed. Of course, I made it my business to find out who killed Claire Weill.

Marilyn:  And nearly got yourself killed for your trouble. I notice your grin when Detective Molina’s name cropped up.

Lydia:  Sol Molina and I got to be friends. Good friends, you might say. (grinning) If you want to know more about that, find out who else was murdered, and who did the murdering, you’ll have to read A MURDERER AMONG US.


C.L. Phillips said...

Oooh - this is fun to read. Love your book cover, and wish you much fun reading and signing.


Patg said...

Good interview, nice way to introduce your book.

Marilyn Levinson said...

CL That's for visiting.
Pat, it was fun interviewing Lydia.

Palmaltas said...

What fun! I love character interviews.

Marilyn Levinson said...

I do too, Pat. And they're so much fun to write!!

Marja McGraw said...

Great interview, and I've heard such good things about your book that I just ordered it.

Marilyn Levinson said...

I'm delighted you've heard good things about A MURDERER AMONG US. Happy reading!