Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Point of No Return

by C.L. Phillips

The Point of No Return.  Remember the last time you crossed it?  Not in your writing, not in the virtual world, but in real life?  That moment when you knew your life would never be the same again.  Not ever.

Question :  How often does that moment influence you?  Do you remember when it happened?  Can you describe how your life changed, now as you look back?

I'm thinking about one of those days, as I approach another.  When I was an infant, I would hold my breath until I passed out when I didn't get my way.  Even then, I knew the power of the Point of No Return.

Let me say the power of that choice has changed my life, my career, and my future.  As with all good mysteries that unfold in the fullness of time, I invite you to take a moment and contemplate your own Point of No Return.

Is there anything from this contemplation you can use to power your writing today?  I hope so.


Working Stiffs said...

Oops! Gotta remember to hit the publish post button AFTER the schedule options. :)


Joyce said...

No problem, Cindy! We've all done the same.

I've had lots of Points of No Returns in my life. Saying "I do." Hearing "Push!" then that beautiful cry. Hitting the send button on those queries and manuscript request. Getting fired because I refused to take down posts and stop blogging. Too many to list.

Word verification: odisagm. Not sure what it means, but it looks dirty.

Patg said...

Most were events where I thought I'd better get a plan set in motion if I new what was good for me. Since I was fortunate enough for them not to have 'bombed' on me, I view them now as A Move In The Right Direction.

C.L. Phillips said...

Yes - points of no return. Pressing publish. Saying yes. Saying no. Refusing to give away what is dear.