Friday, September 30, 2011

One for the Money

Doesn't look like anyone else is going to share today, so I will. Namely, the trailer for the movie based on Janet Evanovich's first Stephanie Plum novel, One for the Money.

And I'm also going to eat some crow because - yes - Pittsburgh makes a fine substitute for Trenton, and Katherine Heigl makes a fine Stephanie Plum. In addition, Jason O'Mara makes a hell of a Joe Morelli, dontcha think? Wish y'all were closer so we could have a movie date in January!

So what do you think, fellow Stiffs and readers?



Kate Gallison said...

Love it.

Karen in Ohio said...

I think I'll be first in line for this one!

When I heard Katherine Heigl was going to play Stephanie I was so disappointed. But from the trailer it looks as though she's done a great job of portraying our favorite oddly successful inept bonds enforcer. Morelli and Ranger don't quite look like they do in my imagination, and Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur? Uh. Speechless. But so happy to see her on the big screen again.

Name the time, ladies, and I'll join you!

Jenna said...

Kate, I like it too - and I was afraid I wouldn't!

Karen, I had serious doubts about Katherine Heigl, and I'm beyond thrilled that it looks like she's doing a great job. Joe Morelli doesn't look like I pictured him, but there's a lot of chemistry there, and you can totally see why she'd have a soft spot for him. As for Ranger... I'm a little concerned. He looks OK, but we don't see a lot of personality in the trailer, and a disappointing Ranger would ruin the whole movie! And nothing at all against Debbie Reynolds, who's lovely and looks fabulous - she just doesn't look like Grandma Mazur! Doesn't Stephanie liken her grandma to a soup chicken? Reynolds looks much too young and pretty, even if she might actually *be* the right age. But I'll be going to see it, definitely!

Sheila Roberts said...

Oh, my gosh, that looks fun!

Meg London/PegCochran said...

I can't wait to see it! But I wonder, has Hollywood run out of Italian actors? I hope Morelli isn't a disappointment. And I always pictured Sandra Bullock as Stephanie for some reason. The guy who is playing Ranger played on Rescue Me and I might have a hard time getting that part out of my mind. But I'm ready to relax and have a good time with it nonetheless.

Karen in Ohio said...

I've always seen Stephanie as Kelly Monaco. But Heigl has a sparkle in her eye that Kelly can't quite manage.

Totally agree with you, Bente, about a lame Ranger. We can't have that.

Chloris Leachman would have made a way better Grandma Mazur, I think. But I dearly love DR, so I'm willing to see what she can do with the part. And I'm thrilled she has a role, and the potential for more, if the movie is successful enough to franchise the way the books have.

Patg said...

I think Heigl will pull it off, and O'Mara seems okay in the trailer, but he is NOT the Italian, Jersey cop I pictured. OTOH, Sunjata looks right, but all the commentary says they lightened up his attitude. Ranger not dark and mysterious? Ugh!
I always visualized Granda Mazur as an Estelle Getty type. Shrunken with sagging hosiery. Debbie does not do it with that smile of hers.
I do want to see it though.