Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Circle of Life

By K.M. Humphreys

I’ve heard about a lot of deaths over the last few weeks.  One co-workers mother-in-law died in a car accident.  Another co-worker’s friend’s great-niece was hit by a car.  Another co-worker’s friend’s mother passed away.  There were two that hit a little closer to home.  First, about a week and a half ago, my friend e-mailed me that her husband’s cousin’s daughter (his second cousin?) died from a brain tumor.  She was only twelve.  I had met her several years ago as we were both in my friend’s wedding.  Then, last Tuesday, my friend texted me that her father had passed away.  She asked for the name of a good florist.  I gave her the name of the florist who did the flowers for my wedding.  I told her to let me know if there was anything I could do, to let me know.
Thursday evening was the first viewing for my friends father.  The viewing was from 4-7 and my husband and I got there a little after six.  There were a lot of people there, and by the looks of the guest book, it had been a steady stream of visitors.  We stayed for about half an hour and left a little before 7.  I took off Friday so I could be there for my friend all day on Friday.  Friday there was a viewing from 10-1, and then a small service at the funeral home.  There was then a luncheon at a local restaurant.  I got to the funeral home a little after ten, and there were only two other people there besides my friend and her family.  I gave my friend a hug and kept her company until more visitors showed up, and then I stepped back and let her talk to everyone.  I played with her three year old daughter who was so innocent as to what was going on.  She was having a grand time running up and down the hall and playing peek-a-boo.  She would sometimes go into the children’s room and play in there.  Despite the sadness everybody felt, it was a joy to have this little girl be there.  She made people smile, despite the sadness in their hearts. 
Now I turn to this week.  My husband and I are heading out to San Diego to visit my sister and her family to help celebrate my nephew’s first birthday. He is such a lively kid and has so much energy and happiness in him.  It will definitely be a different week from last week.
My sister-in-law is due any day with her first child.  Her actual due date is today.  My sister-in-law thought she was going into labor the same day my friend told me of her father’s passing.  The circle of life would be starting again.  In death, there is life.    She didn’t have the baby last week, but he should be born at any time.  He will also be a joyful kid. 
There will always be death and new life.  The world is constantly going through this process.  The seasons follow a similar pattern of brand new life in spring and death or dormant during the winter months.  The circle of life will never end, it is constantly going and will bring happiness and joy in the newness of life after the sadness of death.


Jenna said...

Have a safe trip. And yeah, life is funny that way. You win some and lose some. And that's not as callously meant as maybe it sounds. We're dealing with illness and death in the family too, along with pregnancies and births. Life goes on. You go with it, since there's nothing else you can do.

Ramona said...

What a thoughtful post, Kristin. Life is full of irony, isn't it?