Thursday, November 03, 2011

Miami Road Trip 2011

By Paula Matter

Two weeks ago I drove down to Miami making several stops along the way to visit friends and family. I got home Tuesday afternoon. I planned on writing my blog entry Wednesday to upload today.

So much for plans. I woke up Wednesday morning with a killer headache, congestion and coughing and feeling like hell. Even worse is realizing after two weeks of not feeling like this, it's often how I wake up when I'm home. I'm thinking I may be allergic to my house.

So, please forgive me for just uploading some photos of my trip.

                                                              Sunrise at Captiva Island
                                                            Green Cove Springs

                                                                     Venetian Pool

                                     Spent many summer days swimming here at Venetian Pool

                                                        Green Cove Springs pier

                                                                 Green Cove Springs

                                                            Captiva Island sunrise


Joyce said...

Beautiful photos!

I hope you feel better!

Jenna said...

Very pretty! (Sounds like someone needs to move to Florida...)

Patg said...

Nice photos. It may not be the house, just something in it. Look for mold.