Monday, November 28, 2011


by Gina Sestak

OK.  Thanksgiving is over.  Christmas is three weeks away.  I've spent the four-day weekend resting, eating, hanging out with friends and relatives, watching dvds, and avoiding shopping.   So what do I write about?  I haven't got a clue.  I could rehash Thanksgiving themes or discuss the film treatment, screenplay or novel revisions I've been working on, or start in on the Bollywood addiction once again.  I think I've done these topics all to death.

So I'll open it up today:  how was your holiday?


Jenna said...

Nice, quiet, full of food. We don't have any family to speak of, so it was just the four of us: me, hubby, and the kids. Turkey, pie, all the rest. A game of Monopoly (requested by Thing Two) and a game of Dungeons & Dragons (requested by Thing One). Things are back to normal today, and Thing One & Thing Two have gone off to school.

Oh yes, and I wrote a love scene this weekend. For the first SFR. I've written sex before, in the Cutthroat Business books - and in first person POV, no less! - but this one was hard. A lot harder than I'd expected.

Patg said...

T day was good. Helped my daughter host her first family dinner. I enjoy all that hustle and bustle, and I don't mind crowds and love shopping.
I feel its all part of the holiday season, and I sure would like to know where all the dislike, grief and stress came from that soooo many people can't start the holidays without saying they hate it and crowds and shopping and everything. (Blank stare here.)
This is a hard time to write.
Anyone want to discuss the finale of The Walking Dead last night? And the fact that they needed an hour of The Talking Dead to explain stuff and let us know the show is about 'our humanity'?

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

It was a great weekend with lots of family, kids home from college, card and board games and lovely weather. Now back to work. Yuch.