Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Holiday Specials

By K.M. Humphreys

                ‘Tis the season for holiday specials on tv.  I look forward to watching these specials every year.  Everything starts off with “It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” for Halloween followed by Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special.  The Christmas season is filled with shows like “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, “Frosty the Snowman”, “Frosty Returns”, “Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  I loved watching these classics as I was growing up and I make my husband sit and watch them with me now if he doesn’t have homework to do. 
                As for the holiday movies, my favorite is “Miracle on 34th Street”.  I like both the original and the re-make that was done in the 1990’s. Other re-makes were done, but they weren’t as good.  “A Christmas Carol” is another great movie. Other movie classics are “White Christmas”,  “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Story”.  I personally never understood the fascination with “A Christmas Story”, but the other movies are great movies.  I’m not so fond of some of the newer Christmas movies like “Elf” and “The Santa Clause”. 
                Obviously I’m a fan of the classic movies and shows for the holidays.  My husband feels the same way.  Although, I find some of the newer shows, like “Prep and Landing” are kind of cute.
                The Holiday Season allows us to enjoy these shows and movies, old and new, with friends and family  We enjoy the happy memories these shows bring to us year after year as we remember past holidays, good and bad.
                What are your favorite holiday shows and movies?  Why?

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Gina said...

K.M. -
I love Elf the best, maybe because it's touching and funny. The jack-in-the-box testing scene is priceless! I don't really have a favorite special, but I like most of those you mentioned.

Joyce said...

White Christmas is my favorite. When I get together with my sisters, we always have to sing "Sisters."

Out of all the newer movies, I like The Polar Express.

C.L. Phillips said...

"Ralphie, you're going to shoot your eye out!"

Why can't I remember the name of this movie? Why? Anyway, it's my all time favorite, not to mention the South Pacific dancing girl lamp. Scandalous!

Ramona said...

I also love Elf, but my family favorite was always The Grinch. My brothers used to sing the "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" song perfectly.

Because I'm obsessed with the Big Bang Theory, I have to add the episode when Sheldon gets the napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy.

Jenna said...

The boys - including the husband - lo-o-o-ove Elf. I can't stand it. But I do make sure to catch the last scene. I always cry when the sleigh takes off with everyone singing.

We always watch White Christmas. I actually prefer Holiday Inn, to be honest, so we always see that one, too. And - maybe strangely - In the Good Old Summertime. It ends at Christmas. (Except for that silly epilogue with Liza Minelli, but that doesn't really count since it's just an excuse to sing In the Good Old Summertime.)

Patg said...

Ramona, I am also so obsessed by The Big Bang Theory. I love all those guys, wish I had the apartment upstairs. And yes, that Christmas show with the napkin is going on my yearly list.
Oh, yeah, favorite Christmas shows. Well, it 'ain't' Elf. Do Not Get that at all. I watch all versions of Christmas Carol, I love to see the interpretations of the ghosts. I need my fix of White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street.
It's A Wonderful Life just gets sadder and sadder. No matter how good you are to others, failed personal dreams will continue to hurt. Can't the town take up a collection to send him on a cruise around the world???
I've lost it for Charlie Brown since I watched the documentary about the author. Yuck!

Joyce said...

Since Pat mentioned A Christmas Carol, my favorite variation of that is Scrooged, with Bill Murray. I love the scene near the beginning where they're in a production meeting and they show the trailer for The Night the Reindeer Died. Hysterical!

Mary Sutton said...

Love, love, love "White Christmas." And the original animated "Grinch," - please don't talk to me about that Jim Carrey thing. The Rankin-Bass "Year Without a Santa Claus" ranks high - who can't sing with the Miser brothers? I can't stand "Elf," mostly because Will Ferrell drives me insane. Like "Polar Express." It strikes me that all of my favorites have at least one catchy tune. Maybe that's why they're my favorites.