Tuesday, January 24, 2012


By K.M. Humphreys

Change, as defined in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition, is to make different in some particular (among many others).  We change ourselves a lot.  We change the style or color of our hair for a lot of reasons.  We don’t want any gray hairs showing, we want a change of pace, or we want to change our identity.  No matter what the reason, we change our hair all the time.

We change the clothes we wear.  Styles come and go, such as tie-dyes, bell bottoms, leggings, leg warmers – styles change.  What’s 'in' today won’t be 'in' tomorrow.  We change what we wear to keep up with the latest in fashion.

As we get older, everything about us changes.  Our priorities, our weight, where we live, and our jobs are just some of the things that change as we move into each part of our lives.

Change is inevitable.  Sometimes we like change and embrace it.  Sometimes we accept it kicking and screaming.  We can complain all we want, but some changes we can’t keep from happening. 
Some change is positive and some change is negative.  There are times we are going through a positive change in our lives, but we only see the negative aspects of it. 

Change inspires us to produce more change.  If major changes happen where you work that you don’t like, it may inspire you to look elsewhere or encourage you to work harder so you can move up in your job into a position of management so you can have more of a voice in future changes.

This blog post was inspired by recent change in my company.  We recently moved our offices from a suburb to the city.  Everybody’s complaining about having to deal with traffic in the mornings and evenings, having to pay for parking, etc.  At first I was griping with the rest of them.  However, I have recently really stopped to think about it and for me, I think it’s a positive move.  I believe this move could lead to more opportunities for me down the road. 

I know our company has their reasons for the move.  I am now generating my own positive ways to look at this move.  The rest of the group can complain all they want, but I’m going to embrace this move and look for the positives. 

There is change in every aspect of our lives.  Take the positive route and look at change as an inspiration.

Happy Writing!


Joyce Tremel said...

Good for you for your positive attitude! It's so much easier to complain about something we don't like instead of working to do something about it--whether it's to embrace it or work to change it.

C.L. Phillips said...

You are right - change opens doors you might not have previously noticed. It's always your choice whether to walk through the door, but one thing is certain. Sitting still isn't an option.

Best wishes on your new situation.

Karen in Ohio said...

Most people resist change, but if they go with the flow they usually find that change is almost always for the better.

Jenna said...

Good for you! Attitude is everything, and a positive attitude can overcome a whole bunch of negatives. As for change, I do my best to subscribe to the old adage, "When God closes a door, he opens a window." There's usually some aspect of every situation that offers some form of opportunity. :-)

Patg said...

Jenna is right, attitude is everything in determining your future. Of course, movement for me would me hundreds of miles, so for me, the positive here is that you only have to contend with a change of scenery, not a lay-off in this difficult economy.

Annette said...

So I gather this means you won't be able to slip out during lunch to attend our Pennwriters meetings anymore. Bummer. But you do have terrific attitude. Good for you, Kristin!