Monday, January 02, 2012


by Gina Sestak


Last week, I wondered what to write about in this first post of 2012.  I considered resolutions, non-resolutions, anti-resolutions, and times of new beginnings and of ends.

Then all hell broke loose.

Picture this:  middle of the night, December 30-31.  I'm sound asleep.  A THUD, as if the entire house is caving in.  Flashing lights and sirens.  Outside, the street is full of police.  I wake the roommate (who can sleep through almost anything.  OK, her room is further from the street than mine).  We go downstairs.

From the front porch, we can see an SUV against a tree, about 50 yards away.  My best guess is that a police chase was in progress and the SUV driver failed to notice that the road curved slightly to the right.  He kept going straight.  The police weren't giving out much information, other than to tell us to keep back away from fallen wires and that the driver wasn't dead, just drunk.  The SUV had come up onto the sidewalk and proceeded between the front yards and the cars parked at the curb.

Along the way, it slammed into my car (which I had left parked safely in the driveway),

tore into my hedges,

took out a portion of a utility pole,

damaged the neighbor's hedge, smashed the neighbor's arbor, threw a tire against the neighbor's fence,

and came to rest against a big tree.

Now, you all knew I'd find a Bollywood connection, right?  Here's a car chase scene from Don:

I just saw the sequel to this film last week.  Both Don and Don 2 are exciting, thrilling works of art, but I prefer to keep my vehicle collisions on screen.   In real life, there was a lot of damage to my car.

Talk about ending the year with a bang!

How did you say adios to 2011?  Are you, like me, hoping for a better 2012?

And, by the way, how do you cope when everything goes kinda kerflooey?


Joyce said...

Yikes! At least no one was hurt. Cars can be replaced.

I was asleep by midnight on New Years. I only knew it was midnight because of the next door neighbor shooting off fireworks 15 feet from our bedroom window.

Rebecca Bradley said...

Ouch to your car! As Joyce said, I'm glad no one was hurt, that could have been so much worse had it been earlier in the night.

Ramona said...

Wow. Your poor car and hedges.

I was awake to ring in 2012. Earlier in the evening, I went across the street to help my neighbor get ready for a party. I was the taste tester. Mostly I tasted drinks. Several weren't quite there, so had to be remixed and retested.

I didn't feel so great the next morning.

Annette said...

Oh, no, Gina! Your poor car! Thank heavens no one was hurt.

Gina said...

This all happened before New Years - early morning January 31. I guess the SUV driver started celebrating early. I stayed up to welcome 2012 the next night (the real New Years), but I stayed home and drank pomegranate juice rather than going out to party.

Annette said...

I hope you mean DECEMBER 31, Gina. Otherwise, I'm waaayyy behind.

Jenna said...

Goodness. Glad you're OK and the only damage was to property.

We had our own car trouble about a month ago. The week before Thanksgiving, someone slammed into DH and pushed him and his beautiful Lexus into the car in front. The Lexus was a total loss, and he had to go buy another car. It turned out to be a Jeep. We'll see how long this one lasts. :D

Happy New Year, y'all!

Gina said...

Jeez. DECEMBER 31. FRIDAY NIGHT. Right Annette! [Have you been proof-reading the Mystery Lovers newsletters?]

djapollo2k said...

Did someone get his insurance card?:) Wild start to the New Year. What does it mean?

Gina said...

I didn't even think to get the driver's insurance card. In fact, from where Theresa and I were standing in front of the house, I didn't even realize that my car was damaged at first. The side facing us looked ok, and in the dark and rain and flashing lights, the humped up roof and cracked windshield weren't noticeable. It wasn't until the utility company came to cut away the broken sections of the pole that Theresa moved her car out of the way. She parked around the corner and, walking back, noticed that the far side of mine was caved in. Luckily, some of the police were still there and we pointed it out to one of them, so it should be in the police report. I guess I'll find out about the driver from that.