Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Describe your Reader

by C.L. Phillips

Arrgghhh....I'm working on a marketing plan.  Step 1 : Describe your reader.  Okay.  Sounds easy enough, right?  So I dare you.  Do it.

Describe your reader.  Who reads your books?  What attributes do they share in common?  How do they read your books?  Electronically or trade paperback or hardback?  How do they find your books?  Where do they hang out?

I'd love to see your answers.  Maybe you will inspire me and help me learn how to describe my own readers.

I'm sequestered without internet access today, so I'll be checking your comments late in the afternoon.  And many kind thanks in advance for helping me crack this tough nut.

Keep writing!


Jenna said...

You know, I did make a comment...

Jenna said...

However, it seems my original comment was eaten.

My target audience is women, 25 and up. Cozy readers and sweet romance readers; there's a bit of crossover. People who like their books light and humorous, if not laugh out loud funny, but who'll put up with a bit of a vanilla sex or necessary violence to further the plot. They live mostly in Middle America, most have jobs, most are between 35 and 60, they're well educated and read A LOT, and many of them own cats.

Patg said...

My target audience is an older woman, 40s and above, who like mysteries that provide a puzzle and a twist, who like to read about other professions, like humor, but aren't necessarily looking for romance. They mostly prefer paper books, but are moving to eReaders because they are lighter, easier on the eyes and they travel better.
They mostly want a story.
They work and commute by public transportation and/or are retired and volunteer a lot.

C.L. Phillips said...

Jenna and Patg,

Awesome. Thanks for providing this. I'm still noodling on mine. Will post soon.

Hope you are having a great day!

Mary Sutton said...

Interesting question.

My readers like traditional mysteries (cozies, whatever). Probably mid-20s and up, probably more like 30 and up, but might snag a precocious reader like my daughter.

They are probably female, but not exclusively.

They are okay with violence and profanity in context, but not used gratuitously.

They are middle-class, college-educated, well read, and like to read.

The device on which they read is not as important to them as a good story.

Mary Sutton said...

I left some things out.

They find books everywhere - browsing, word of mouth, book reviews.

They like to hang out in places where they can find other readers, but like any place with a squashy chair conducive to settling in and reading. =)

Kelly Robinson said...

My readers are smart, but not necessarily academic. They like to learn things, but they want to be entertained while learning it. (I write non-fiction.)

C.L. Phillips said...

What a wonderful set of readers. :) I've enjoyed meeting your readers, and you have inspired me to describe my own.

Will check back when I'm finished. And thank each of you so very much.

Norma Huss said...

Well, I know my 15-year old granddaughter read (repeatedly her mother tells me) my mystery with an older woman sleuth - but she likes the second mystery with a 20-something sleuth better. (Actually, she said she could hear me talk when she read it - something about my word usage?) My just under 80 husband also read both, but preferred the old woman mystery. (He doesn't really do ghosts.)
So, I don't think either demographic is my ideal reader. They just read me because we're related. I'd say - women who don't mind a bit of woo-woo in their mysteries and are content with a small taste of romance, but like to be mystified. (I've heard reports that readers couldn't solve the mystery easily.)
Great post idea Patricia!