Monday, March 05, 2012

Flash Mystery : Sold in Four Hours

by C.L. Phillips

Callista Newton, the blonde, perky real estate agent, hit the sign with the flat edge of her shovel and stepped back to inspect her handiwork.  She took great pride in her effort.  The for sale sign was perfectly positioned on the corner lot, visible from either of the busy cross-streets.

A black Land Rover wheeled into the circle drive, and a thin young woman, dressed in all black, exited the driver's seat, cell phone in hand.  "I'm hanging up now.  We will settle this later." She strode to the front door.

Callista took a deep breath and forced herself to wait.  "Just a moment.  Go ahead and take a look. The door is open."  She balanced the shovel in her left hand and watched as the woman entered the house.  She signed.  Selling houses wasn't as fun as it used to be, not since the recession gutted the market and banks made getting a loan nearly impossible.  Still, she prided herself on her professionalism and attention to detail.  She put the shovel in the trunk of her car, grabbed her jacket and went inside.

"Is this the buyer's disclosure?", asked the woman.

"Yes, and in the folder, you'll find copies of all the inspections and receipts from the recent repairs."  Callista smiled and sized up her prospect.  No buyer's agent.  No spouse.  Only a cell phone. "Do you have any questions?"

"Only one.  Can we close within two weeks?"

"I don't see why not."

"Good.  My lawyer will send you the contract."  The young woman reached out her hand.  "Thank you."

Callista placed her business card inside the kitchen drawer by the stove.  On the back, she wrote, "Call me when she tells you to sell." She underlined the word she.

Four hours later, Callista called her seller.  "Yes, I have the contract."  She listened.  "I told you we could do it.  All you needed to do was take my advice."  She smiled.  Ever since the recession, she'd had plenty of time to listen to her police scanner. Good thing she read Section 5.008(c) in the Texas Property Code.  The seller has no need to disclose a prior murder or suicide unless it materially impacted the real estate.

Callista smiled.  Every agent needs a speciality, and she loved hers.


Gina said...

I just got home from being tied up all day, and was surprised to see no comments. I enjoyed this little story, but I must admit the end baffled me.

C.L. Phillips said...


Thanks for writing and letting me know about the ending.

Back to the drawing board. :))

Take care....

Mary Sutton said...

She buried the body, right?

C.L. Phillips said...

OOOhhh...didn't think of that one! :)) I'm not telling. Let's see what someone else comes up with.