Friday, December 22, 2006

Senior Moments

by Meryl Neiman

I had a wonderful blog entry planned for today. I was going to write about my family's behind the scenes tour of the Nutcracker last weekend. I was going to compare the staging of the ballet to writing crime fiction. I had it all thought out. But there was just one problem. I forgot to write it!

Last night I was distracted by my sister's call for help. At age 43, she's changing career paths -- from business woman to genetic counselor. She's applying for a masters degree and wanted me to look over her essays. I couldn't say no.

Today my husband was off from work. I didn't realize he was to have the day off. We planned some errands and off we went. As we pulled into the Target parking lot, I remembered. My blog!

When I arrived back home and turned my computer on, I had to laugh. There was an e-mail from my fellow Sister in Crime, Nancy Martin, frantic with worry that she had forgotten her turn to blog.

No, Nancy it wasn't you. It was me. This isn't my first senior moment. At age 40, I have way more of them than I ever imagined. I forget words, names, and appointments! And now my blog!

Unfortunately, I have to hurry off to my daughter's holiday party. So you all will have to wait to hear about the Nutcracker. I couldn't do it justice in the minute that I have here. So I apologize and wish you all a very happy (and memorable!) holiday season.


mike said...

Meryl--No apologies needed (IMHO). When I saw no entry for today, I assumed the group had decided to take a blogging vacation--after all, it is the hectic holiday season; I'd think most everyone has more pressing matters to attend to than reading a blog, much less writing an entry. Don't give it another thought; take a deep breath and enjoy the holidays.

Nancy said...

Whew! I really thought I'd blown it.

The result is that my blog for NEXT week is now written!