Friday, December 21, 2007

Lame Yuleblog Excuse

by Cathy Anderson Corn

So sorry, but I haven't time to write a blog today. Christmas is coming in four days, and I haven't wrapped a present, probably can't even find them in my house. Can't even say if I'm done with shopping or not. It's one big mystery.

I made a last minute trip to Florida to visit my mom in the rehab center after her total hip replacement and got back Tuesday. On Wednesday, I took my dog Gypsy to Beaver for her acupuncture treatment. That night, husband Alan required bodywork for back problems. Yesterday, I massaged one client after the other, a full schedule, so I was too exhausted to think straight. (In addition, before my trip, I developed a pinched nerve and a gimpy left arm--may Santa bless my chiropractor.)

So I won't be writing a blog today, dear Sisters and Misters. But I wish you all the very best holiday season, a light-filled Winter Solstice, and the hope for all your dreams to come true in 2008.

Chances are, you don't have time to read this, anyway.


Tory said...

Sorry you have so many people/ animals to take care of, Cathy!

I'm performing tonight in our church "winter solstice" service. Then I'm off Sunday to Seattle to visit my brother and his family for 5 days. What are other people's holiday plans?

Joyce said...

Just take care of yourself, Cathy. There will be plenty more blogs after Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, the four of us will go out for an early dinner, then Mass at St. Bonaventure Church at 7pm. (We used to go to Midnight Mass but I can't stay up that late anymore!) Then we'll come home and open presents. On Christmas Day we'll go to my oldest sister's house, where I'll probably have too much to drink. One year the "girls" ended up in the kitchen drinking shots of peach schnapps. Not sure I want to do that again.

Lee Lofland said...

Denene and I are going to see A Christmas Carol at the New Repertory Theatre in Boston. Other than that we're just going to try and recover from the 27 inches of snow we've had this month.

Nancy said...

Me, I'm going to cook a hot meal IN MY NEW KTICHEN. As soon as the sink is hooked up, that is. With any luck---tomrrow!!

Gina said...

I'm still trying to get in gear to do some Christmas shopping! [Which I hope to finish before the stores close Christmas Eve.]