Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Patry Francis and The Liar's Diary

by Martha Reed

The Internet has done more than make each of us more visible - it has made each of us more accessible. I don’t want to talk about how much of my personal information is out on the web, whether I want it there or not; I want to talk about the way cyberspace has made it easier for us to meet people outside our usual circle of friends. It is nothing now to chat up a mystery fan living in Sydney as easily as someone I meet locally on the 93A commuter bus.

Last year we heard the frightening health news about Elaine Viets almost instantly via listserv emails and blogs. Honestly, at the time, my reaction was ‘That’s a shame but what can I do about it?” and then I saw an amazing thing happen: writers used the Internet not just to market their latest material but to support one of their own. Crackling across cyberspace, the word went out, and writers across the country offered to take Elaine’s place at book-signings or to act as her proxy at author events. Within days, the idea snowballed into something huge. I attended one event, The Festival of Mystery in Oakmont, PA, and I can remember thinking, “I’m seeing something new here. This is a cyber-community, and people are stepping up to help.” There was a generous, swelling upsurge, and I wondered if I was seeing a one-time event.

I got my answer, because here it comes again. Earlier this month, word went out that Patry Francis, author of The Liar’s Diary, needed our support. What impressed me this time is the speed and agility of the cyber response: instead of ‘How do we do this?’ I see: ‘Of course we can do this. What can I do to help?’ Folks, if we carry on this way, things might actually improve for the outside world. What an idea!

Today we blog to support the paperback release of Patry Francis’ The Liar’s Diary, a thriller involving a mysterious stranger, an unlikely friendship, a murder, and two conflicting versions of the truth. Click this link for the YouTube video:

Of course, the easiest way to show your support is to buy a copy of Patry's book!


Joyce said...

Thanks for posting this, Martha. Now everyone get out and buy that book!

martha reed said...

I just ordered my copy.

Nancy said...

Patry's book is terrific. I bought it in hardcover from her last year when our respective book tours collided. She's a delightful person, and I really enjoyed the book. Thumbs up!

Annette said...

Maybe part of it is there but for the grace of God...

Online we get to know these people and when one of them (one of US) is struck down, we have to step up and help however we can. I would hope if disaster were to strike as my book was finally hitting the shelves that someone would give me a helping hand.

From someone who was a substitute Elaine at last year's Festival of Mystery.

Martha Reed said...

We're seeing results - Liar's Diary has moved up to #3 on Amazon's Movers and Shakers list, up over 5,000%. I'd like to see a final one-day sales number!

Thank you everyone for your support.

Felicia Donovan said...

I didn't know Patry from a hole in the wall till I heard about her plight. Then I read her blog, Simply Wait, and it rekindled a lot of personsal memories for me so I e-mailed her to share some stories. Here's what she sent back:

"My positive prognosis is a sign that I'm incredibly lucky--and blessed -- in no small measure, by all the good thoughts, prayers and vibes of my friends."

We are the lucky ones to have discovered such an incredibly talented author who has many, many beautiful stories to tell.

Felicia Donovan