Thursday, July 02, 2009

Independence, Liberty, Freedom and Giving Thanks

by Paula Matter

As an independent, free woman, I recently took the liberty of driving to Parsippany, NJ for the Deadly Ink conference.

What a wonderful little conference. And I say little with the utmost respect. Little as in intimate, cosy. Deadly Ink could easily become an annual event for me. I brought my husband's trusty digital camera and some of the photos actually were good enough to show you.

I knew very few people at this con. I knew of some, but hadn't met most. I made it a priority to introduce myself, and chat with a lot of other attendees. So, here's a shoutout (shout-out? shout out?) to Kate Lincoln, Robin Hathaway, Elena Santangelo, Sandy Cody, Kate Gallison, and Elizabeth Zelvin. I'd be remiss if I failed to mention Rosemary Harris, Jeff Cohen, and Ken Isaacson. And Jeff Markowitz. Oh, hell, just go see who all was there!

And a huge shoutout (whatever) and thanks to organizers Debby Buchanan and Christine Abbott.

Across the street from the con hotel
(aka playing with the camera)

Debby Buchanan, Christine Abbott, Amanda
Hardworking organizers

Ken Isaacson, Cheryl Solimini, Jeff Cohen

Elena Santangelo, Robin Hathaway -- Winner of the
David G. Sasher, Sr. Award for Best Mystery Novel

One-half of the Bennetts, wonderful booksellers.
(See, Betty? I promised I wouldn't post your photo!)

Five Star author Jeff Markowitz

Renee Gardner had Cheryl, Steven Rigolosi
and both Jeffs laughing.

There was a lot of laughter. A lot of fun, learning, and good times. Deadly Ink was truly an outstanding conference.


Annette said...

Looks like a nice conference, Paula! I met Debby Buchanan several years ago and she's a sweetheart. I've always heard good things about Deadly Ink. Maybe next year...

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Looks like fun, Paula! Everyone in the pics looks like they're having a great time. I'll have to remember Deadly Ink.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Jennie Bentley said...

I'll have to remember Deadly Ink, too, even if it's a little out of my way. Although I met Liz Zelvin in Birmingham, AL, at the Murder in the Magic City conference in February, and will see her again in August for Killer Nashville.

Wilfred Bereswill said...

If you liked Deadly Ink, you might like Magna Cum Murder in Muncie IN. at Ball State University. This year it is being cancelled because of Bouchercon in Indy, but it would be back in 2010.

I only know G. M. Malliet who I met at Bouchercon last year. I enjoy going to conferences where I don't know anybody. It's conducive to meeting new people.

Working Stiffs said...

Annette, you're right about Debby being a sweetheart. Someday, in private, I'll tell you what she did for me.

Yes, maybe next year!

Hi, Elizabeth. It certainly was a fun conference.

Jennie, I had a nice chat with Liz. I thanked her for giving me an idea.

Amazing what you'll come away with from a con! Pays to listen and ask questions.

Oh, Will, you're so right--not knowing anyone was the kick I needed to not keep to myself. A bad habit I'm trying to stop.


Donnell said...

Paula, I love reading about the conferences out there. Keep up the good work and thanks for the excellent report!