Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are You the Next Sherlock Holmes?

How good are you at mystery trivia? My gift to you this holiday season is an opportunty to test your skills -- and win a "Sherlock Holmes" movie gift package if they're as good as you think. (UPDATE--We have 5 winners, but you can still play -- I've posted the answers in the comments section)

A publicist for the film -- which stars Robert Downey Jr. as the legendary detective and Jude Law as his trusted ally Watson --  contacted my New England Sisters in Crime Chapter last week  to see if we'd be interested in distributing a few goodies connected with the movie to our members at the holiday party. She even offered the fun quiz below as entertainment.

It was such a hit I thought you would enjoy it, too -- and it might help jumpstart any creative brain cells that have been "mysteriously" fogged by too much holiday sugar.

The publicist is offering to send a "Sherlock Holmes" movie gift pack to the first five people who send 10 correct answers to And yes, I realize you probably could track down the answers with your favorite search engine, but would that truly prove your expertise in the mystery genre?
(UPDATE-- The mystery trivia winners were Mack Lundy, Helen Sandoval, Stephanie Hanville, Marco Connelli and Rick Helms)
The game is on (and don't forget that "Sherlock Holmes" opens on Christmas Day)!

1. Many mystery buffs grew up reading the adventures of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and other teen sleuths. What was Nancy’s first case?

A.  The Hidden Staircase                         B.  The Password to Larkspur Lane

C.  The Secret of the Old Clock              D.  The Message in the Hollow Oak

2. Who is the author of the classic mysteries featuring Father Brown as the detective-hero?
A.   Ellis Peters                                         B.  G.K. Chesterton
          C.   Hilaire Belloc                                     D.  Emile Gaboriau

3. What detective did Denzel Washington portray in the 1995 film "Devil in a Blue Dress"?

A.   Lovejoy                                             B.   Mike Hammer

C.   Hoke Moseley                                   D.   Easy Rawlins

4. The feature film "Heavenly Creatures" is based on an actual crime committed by a popular mystery writer during the 1950s while she was in her teens. Who is she?

A.   Anne Perry                                          B.   Martha Grimes

C.   Mary Higgins Clark                             D.   Alafair Burke
5. The best friend and frequent partner of Robert B. Parker’s Boston-based private investigator Spenser is named for an animal. Who is he?
A.   Ferret                                                 B.   Hawk

C.   Tiger                                                  D.   Snake
6. What pen name did Agatha Christie write romance novels under?

A.   Theresa Neele                                      B.   Mary Westmacott

C.   Clarissa Christie                                   D.   Agatha Miller
7. Edgar Allen Poe’s first editor position was at which magazine?
A.   New York Evening Mirror                 B.   Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine
C.   Southern Literary Messenger             D.   Graham’s Magazine
8. What was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s profession before writing?

A.   Physician                                          B.   Professor

C.   Banker                                             D.   Priest

9. In Sherlock Holmes, what is Dr. Watson’s middle inital?

A.   J.                                                     B.   H.

C.   P.                                                    D.   M.
10. What is the name of the ship that the Maltese Falcon is delivered on?

A.   La Nina                                           B.   La Palermo

C.   La Paca                                           D.   La Paloma

Send your answers to and the first five to get them all right will recieve the "Sherlock Holmes" gift pack -- T-shirt, keychain, iPod skin and mini poster. CONTEST IS CLOSED...ANSWERS IN COMMENT SECTION
Happy Holidays!


Joyce Tremel said...

Very cool, Pat! I think I knew most of them, but I'll skip the contest and give our readers the chance to win.

Patg said...

I know I didn't know about 1/2.
And I usually love trivia.

Sherry said...

I wish I could say that I know every answer, but half isn't too bad.


Jemi Fraser said...

Yikes - I only knew a few of these! Great questions and fun contest :)

Joyce Tremel said...

Pat, did you get all your winners yet?

PatRemick said...

The five winners are Mack Lundy, Helen Sandoval, Stephanie Hanville, Marco Connelli and Rick Helms.

Here are the answers:
1, Nancy Drew's first case was the Secret of the Old Clock.
2. The author of the Father Brown series was GK Chesterton.
3. Denzel Washington portrayed Easy Rawlins.
4. Anne Perry committed the crime portrayed in Heavenly Creatures.
5. Hawk is Spenser's frequent partner and friend.
6. Agatha Christie wrote romance novels as Mary Westmacott
7. Edgar Allen Poe's first editor job was at Southern Literary Messenger.
8. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a physician.
9. Dr. Watson's middle initial is H.
10.La Paloma delivered the Maltese Falcon.
Thanks for playing!!

Cher'ley said...

Funny, I did pretty good and it was petty much all guesses.

Jo Rubin said...

I think 7 out of 10 ain't bad.