Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Wilfred Bereswill

Since this seems to be an off day on our blogging schedule, let me pose a question.  In this day and age of E-Publishing, what would you do to promote an E-Book?

Very soon I will have a short story, Sinfully Delicious, published as a digital short story.  I believe it will be available for Kindle, Nook, etc.  I'm looking for unique ways to market and promote the story.  And further that to e-books.  Without a physical book to sell and sign at an event, how would you market and promote it?


Gina said...

Wil -
I'm totally clueless. Sorry.

Jay Hartman said...

It's all about the social media. Ensure that you have a blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Also, use places like the Kindleboards, Mobileread forums and the Amazon discussion groups liberally. Yahoo groups are another great venue.

Also, be sure to submit to as many ebook review sites as you can. It's amazing what a little word of mouth can do for you.

Jay Hartman
Untreed Reads Publishing

Joyce said...

Jay Hartman pretty much said what I was going to.

I'd add to get signed up for Twitter, etc. right away--BEFORE you need to promote. You want to make friends--not hit people over the head by only promoting yourself.

Patg said...

Though my book is out in tradepaper, it is formost an eBook. However, I marketed exactly the same as if it would hit store shelves, but emphasized ordering with my publisher.
Yes, all the lists and network sites are the place to blast its debut, and if you can find review sites willing to review a short story or an eStory, that too would be great. The problem is, will they. Too many of those sites tells you to PDF submit it and if someone is interested in reviewing it, they'll let you know.
I'd do bookmarks, Will. I've asked for and gotten the addresses of a person working on or going to several cons and they took my bookmarks. It's a good selling feature, and you can put your book title on the back. Or visaversa. Advertise the book with the short story on the back. If you already have bookmarks for your book, get stickly labels for the back advertising the SS.

Wilfred Bereswill said...

Thanks all. Jay, good stuff here. I've actually had a twitter account before it was in vogue to tweet. With that said, I'm not the most interesting guy and I wouldn't read my tweets if I wasn't me. Point being, I guess you gain followers on Twitter by asiking to follow others?

M Pax said...

Put it on disc and sign the disc? Is that possible? A friend of mine did prints of the cover and signed those.